Academic Approach

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The GW's Academic Approach

The GW's academic approach is the best an institution can have. I find it interesting because it will enable me to relate what I learn in the class with real-world experiences. Physician mostly examines a patient, takes the medical history, prescribes drugs, and does or orders for diagnostic tests and help the patients understand them. The academic approach will help me acquire the right knowledge and skills that I can apply even in future. It will provide me with the opportunity of interacting with patients and other qualified physicians before I start my professional job.

Strengthening My Ability to Succeed

The approach will strengthen my ability to succeed in the future as a physician. It will improve my understanding of the healthcare system and delivery. I will have the chance of practicing how to make judgments, examine patients, and interpret diagnostic reports and drawing conclusions from the different procedures. The approach will also enable me to have better observation skills and enhance my ability to do diagnostic tests and investigations alone. Practical application of theoretical knowledge and hands-on-experience will enable me to acquire the basic knowledge, skills, and experience that I will apply in my physician job in the future. In addition, confidence and emotional intelligence are important traits which a physician should have among others. Applying the theoretical knowledge will ensure that I become more confident in my work hence I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired without any doubt. The hands-on-experience will also improve both my confidence and emotional intelligence. Interacting with both the clients and other health staff will enhance my ability to interact and live with other people.

August 14, 2023

Health Profession



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