Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

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Causes and Risk Factors of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

The human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS (HIV)

Touch with contaminated blood or other bodily fluids spreads the disease (semen and vaginal fluids)

By having unprotected sex with an infected human, a person increases his or her chances of contracting AIDS.

Sharing needles among sick people increases the likelihood of infection.

During breastfeeding, HIV may be passed from mother to fetus.

Acts or objects that allow touch or sharing of body fluids (blood, sperm, and vaginal fluid), such as knives and other sharp objects, are also potential risk factors.

Symptoms and Signs

The following are early signs of the disease:


Skin rash

Experiencing headaches

Muscle and joint pains

These early symptoms usually disappear after 2 to 3 weeks. The symptoms that appear at advanced stages of the disease include:

Reduction in weight

Extreme tiredness

Sweating profusely at night

Some of the early symptoms may reappear at advanced stages


The diagnosis of HIV is done using the ELISA and the Western Blot

The ELISA test is done on the saliva or urine. If this test unearths the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood or urine, the Western Blot is done to confirm these results (HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Infection 8).

The HIV antibodies usually appear after 3 months, but may take even 6 months. If a person doubts his/her HIV status, he/she should visit the health facilities. They should be tested again after 3 months to confirm their HIV status.

The four stages of HIV infection include:

The Infection: the patients have been exposed to the virus though the body_x0092_s immunity still supersedes the infection

Asymptomatic stage: the virus increases and some of the early symptoms may appear

Symptomatic stage: the virus has superseded the body_x0092_s immunity and the symptoms related to advanced stages will manifest

Full blown AIDS: The HIV virus has developed full immunity and the patient will waste away.


There is no cure for HIV infection

Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs have been developed to boost the body_x0092_s immunity at advanced stages of the disease.

Painkillers and general prescription may be used to treat opportunistic diseases that may manifest after the infection

Drugs have been developed to prevent the mother-to-child infection during pregnancy


Abstaining from sex for young adults (unmarried) and teenagers is advocated

Use of condoms reduces risk of infection

Staying faithful (especially for the married people) to one sexual partner reduces risk of transmission

Avoidance of sharing drug needles or sharp objects also prevents transmission


Most people with HIV are able to lead normal lives and even give birth to HIV negative children.

Use of the ARVs increases the body_x0092_s immunity and reduces susceptibility to diseases like tuberculosis. The opportunistic diseases tend to cause more deaths compared to those resulting from the Full blown AIDS.

Survival rates after infection increase with use of the ARVs, good nutrition and a good lifestyle (reduced stresses). Counselling is prescribed to boost the psychological health of the patient.

How it affects the Human Immune System

The HIV virus affects the body_x0092_s immunity. After infection, the body_x0092_s immunity produces antibodies that fight back the virus.

The virus slowly acquires the DNA of the antibodies (HIV antibodies) reducing their ability to fight off HIV virus and other diseases (Kovarick 203). This leaves the body_x0092_s immunity susceptible to any infection, especially the opportunistic diseases.

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