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Act of Kindness which are Random

I usually visit my mother and stepdad every summer break. I wasn't so near to my stepad, but I always loved him. I felt on the second day of my visit that, as we always blame him for the separation from our parent, I had to do something for my stephad to show gratitude for his patience towards me and my siblings. I went after breakfast to the garage and picked up the lawn-mower (3 acres). Then, while my mother was busy sewing I brought him out to lunch. This allowed us to bond and talk about our life experiences. He seemed concerned about my studies and occasionally asked how I was faring at school. This was the first time I ever felt so close to my stepfather, since previously we only talked in the presence of my mother and it was often awkward.
As I had mentioned before, I was never close to my stepfather, thus, this caught him by surprise. In fact, when I proposed to mow the yard, he was in disbelief, though, he seemed appreciative of my desire to help. In most occasions when I visited my mother at my stepfather’s place, I did not do much, since I felt a little resentment towards him. When I offered to take him for lunch, he appeared shocked and even asked the reason for my sudden change of attitude towards him. Later in the evening, he mentioned how grateful he was for the time we spent together and for mowing territory around the house.
The next day when I returned to my father’s place where I usually stayed, I felt good for what I had done the previous day. I was happy that I had acted selflessly and helped my stepfather, even though, we were never close. I did so expecting nothing in return and, thus, this further increased my joy and I felt rather proud of myself. Additionally, my attitude towards him changed that day, as I stopped blaming him for my parent’s separation, as he only came into my mother’s life years after they had separated for irreconcilable differences. Previously, I blamed him for coming into our lives and ruining any chance both my father and mother had of getting back together. However, helping him with mowing and taking him to lunch for the first time changed all that, as he had always been nice to all of us.

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Performing random selfless act of kindness can significantly change how people relate with each other. The world would be a better place to live if we all showed kindness to those around us without expecting anything in return. In the contemporary society, there is a lot of hate going around. However, by doing good to others regardless of their background, race, or socioeconomic status, we can spread love and make life bearable and even pleasant.
Additionally, showing kindness also brings about a feeling of joy to both parties and boosts human interactions. For instance, in my case, I was overwhelmed with joy afterwards and I began to appreciate his presence and impact on the wellbeing of my mother. Hate is a strong emotion that can destroy relations between generations; however, such random acts of kindness promote love and positive emotions among all individuals.

August 31, 2021




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