Adult education

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Adult Education

Adult education is a practice in which adults partake in daily self-education practices with the aim of fine-tuning new sources of awareness. In certain cases, this group of individuals obtains an education due to historical factors such as a lack of funds to seek a job at a young age. Peers they had previously entered may also be seen as a cause that hindered the attainment of the educational target. Different ideas, though, are used in adult education and they do not share a common approach to understanding topics. The aim of this paper is to address Battersby's idea and Formosa's idea for innovative education for older people. According to Battersby, older adult learners are different from adults generally. They will often display a unique model of interpreting activities compared to the group that doesn’t pursue any training. In the long run, these groups of people will have a particular way of improving the living standards of their peers through pieces of advice derived from their different courses. Similarly, the intellectual ability of such people will remain strong, but the process of training these adults will be different. It is also stated that teaching adults adds more stimulation and improving the principles of collective and dialogue.

In relation to the gerogogy

an adult will then learn the best ways that they can interact with publics from different regions. They can then question the existence of their knowledge and make comparisons on what their colleagues are affirming. An individual can then make an analysis on the human development theory relating to his finding of knowledge. The learning process will also help in initiating discussion programs since these groups of people do not come from a similar origin.

Formosa Proposal

The transformation of education will be based on a series of principles that have to be followed by the community. For example, embracing self-culture will help an individual identify the activities that he requires to fit in the changing society. Transformation can then be witnessed by masses finding solutions to activities that will improve their ways of living. However, empowerment will only occur once we accept ourselves. These goals can then be achieved through the provision of equitable opportunities for older adults. They will have the moral responsibility of recruiting the older people who are underrepresented in the adult education classes. Nevertheless, the older adults are always in control of their thinking and reflecting on what they know. It can then be applied in their learning process, thus initiating new ideologies that will best suit the changing environs that they are living. Such concepts can then be implemented through new programs that met the demands of older participants irrespective of their backgrounds.

Similarly, Formosa states

that progression can be attained by helping adults participate in progressive movements such as the counter-hegemonic activities. They always have the desire for social change and unification of the masses. In the long run, these people will adopt a pro-active model of leadership that will guide the learners and citizens of the dominant ideologies suitable for the society.

In conclusion

adult education is necessary for adults fulfill their daily requirements. If it is implemented in a particular region, it will then offer a great change in the society that they are living. Nevertheless, having a huge rate of unemployment in society will slow the rate of development that it is to attain. In the long run, provision of education to the older adults will help them discover themselves in a new way.

November 17, 2022

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