Adult Female Offenders

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Adult male offenders are different from female adult offenders. This group of offenders is aggressive, physically huge in size, and does not display sharp mental acuity. On the other hand, adult female offenders are notably smaller, less aggressive, fast in committing their offenses, and non-controversial. Female offenders tend to complete their missions leaving fewer tracks to follow compared to male offenders. Female offenders also tend to be less aggressive, unlike male offenders who display extreme aggression and tend to focus on the physical aspects of crime.

There are a number of challenges involved in the process of offering programs to adult offenders. Adult offenders tend to be aggressive and thus create a fearful environment for those offering these special programs. Providing these programs also needs special skills that might not be easily available, meaning the need for investing substantial funds for these programs to roll out. Another challenge easily faced when running the programs is poor planning by prison officers and administrators. Most prisons have very tight programs in cases where special the need to roll out special programs arises. As a result, it becomes more stressful because of the strain that these programs place on the available resources.

Programs for female prisoners need to be very different from those for men because the two genders possess different characteristics and levels of aggression. Physical programs such as gym work and career-based variants need to be preferred for the males because they prefer to have economic based programs or those that help them build their muscles. On the other hand, female prisoners need psychological and medical programs for them to settle in well at correctional facilities. This approach requires acknowledging that the two genders have special needs that need different strategies for the development of effective programs.

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December 12, 2023


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