Advantages of Studying Computer Engineering in the United States

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I wish to apply for admission to the program of computer engineering. This course is a dream career, and I believe it will contribute to nurturing my educational ego and fulfill my professional ambitions. One day, I will understand the technicalities in the computer world and continue the noble innovation that drives organizational and individual activities today. Interestingly, many people use computers without knowing the background make up or being capable of solving small errors like updating the software. Therefore, my pursuant to a degree in this area will be of significance to the society, and I will continuously participate in the innovation process that makes the devices easy to understand and use.

Today, education has become a tool through which learned individuals strive to solve world problems unlike in the times when physical power was paramount to putting things in order. For instance, the different academic backgrounds serve as departments within an organization that bring order as well as ensuring the attainment of firms’ objectives. Typically, numerous academic disciplines collectively handle all the problems in the world. For example, a business will require an accountant to record and report its financial transactions, a computer engineer to develop management software, human resource personnel to recruit and manage the affairs of the workers and so on. That way, education gets to serve the individual, societal units that collectively make up the world. Different governments will also need to employ people from different professions to handle their affairs with effectiveness. Therefore, studying computer engineering will enable me to fit in the society and become an active member in finding computing solutions.

Precisely, computer engineering will aid my knowledge in designing and developing software as well as the hardware that are vital in solving daily problems in the range of social sectors such as in the business and scientific operations. Apart from being a professional capable of solving the issues at hand, I intend to get to the industry that has proved viable in the future and has numerous job openings. The availability of computer engineering related jobs will even make it more challenging for me because I will always find an opportunity to work with different organizations that have different computing needs. This aspect is essential as it will enable me to expand the scope of the application of my skills to a wide variety of field, thereby, helping solve substantial problems of the society.

Furthermore, there is room for creativity and innovation that aim at finding solutions through programming. For example, the recent development in social media is as a result of creativity that has led to connecting people in real time. Today, individuals can interact with one another over long distances and chat, speak, or even share a picture just because of the continued development in computing. For sure, I cannot tell what kind of computer technology will be in place in the next ten years, but I know discoveries will be in place as long as people encounter problems that need computer-wise solutions.

Apart from the desire to study computer engineering in the US, I also qualify to undertake the course given the past academic performance that gives me the capability to further understand the concepts in computing. Besides, I have acquired some experience in working in the computing industry where I offer support services to Zetech Business by updating the software systems and monitoring the security threats then reporting to the concerned authorities.

Studying in the US will enable me to learn in among the best universities concerning the emphasis o scientific research in the field of computer engineering. The USA is focused on improving technology and supports technological studies to a great extent, a factor that assures me of adequate learning facilities. Besides, the universities also organize for student placements with top information technology companies. Through such programs, one is capable of practicing the concepts learned in school and expanding their knowledge to the application of such knowledge in the work scenario.

The US universities are also multicultural, and I hope it is a proper chance for me to meet new people from different races and countries. Such a community will enhance my thinking of the world as well as challenge my view of those I consider different from me concerning racial origin. Moreover, I will understand the nature of the problems faced by different countries concerning technology.

Upon admission, I promise to study hard and meet all the course requirements for my graduation. I am a self-motivated individual, and that will drive me to attend all my lectures, undertaking the practical lessons, as well as finding time to read to attain high grades. I am also cognizant of the rules set by organizations and the need to follow them. Therefore, I will abide by such requirements and protect the integrity of the institution at all times.

August 14, 2023
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