The Auto Terrain Generation System

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The takeaway message gained from the proposal was that the IGA (Interactive Genetic Algorithm) can be used by non-specialists in the generation of rapid terrains. Another important message was that graphics engines can allow terrains to be specified using more than 800 floating points parameters. However, the increasing number of floating points parameters can overwhelmed non-specialist users.

2. The motivation of the proposal is brought about by the fact that the techniques for terrain generation are usually suitable for graphical design of the objects for virtual worlds, games, and CGI.  Many movies, social networking, and computer games offering rely on the multifaceted virtual worlds. However, the creation of the virtual world comes at a cost, which is increasing rapidly.

3. The idea presented in the proposal is about the design of an ATGS (Auto Terrain Generation System) that is specifically based on the implementation of the IGA (Interactive Generation Algorithm) ATGS addresses the issues that come with complicated procedural technique.  The proposed design will also implement user preference, thereby exploring the multi-dimensional parameter space for satisfying aesthetic and user’s intuition.

4. The logic behind the proposed design is more about virtual terrains. The implementation of virtual terrain normally range from the layers of basic 2D graphics to full 3D graphics, which have high level of dynamic detail. Moreover, terrains have also been used in the development of popular games like Lemmings and the Worms.

5. The idea presented by the researchers is good and achievable. Moreover, sculpting method to be implemented by the technique is an easy way of creating terrains. This is because the user can simply paint or sculpt using the recommended software. Also software (s) like photoshop can utilized in the editing or painting of the terrain images.

6. The main contribution that was made by the authors is the implementation of the terrain generation design system. The elements of the system include genetic representation, height of the terrain, water level, clouds, and sun directions.

7. The future direction for the proposal will be based on more comprehensive study, where systems that have control groups of unbiased users will be allowed to perform the work presented. This is an act of promotion of the required concept. Also, fractal function parameters, which can control the contours of the terrain in a fine way will be introduced in the future work. Parameters, which also control the coverage of the terrain with waterfalls, rocks, vegetation, rocks, stones, ice, and forest will be introduced.

8. The questions relating to the presented proposal are as follows:

a. When is the requirement for low user input implemented in terrain generation process?

b. Which aspects bring about extensibility in the process of terrain generation?

c. When is the genetic algorithm  implemented in during auto terrain generation?

9. The important reference cited in the paper are as follows:

a. Worms, Artillery, developed by Team17, 1994.

b. Lemmings, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios,, Accessed Jan 2010.

c. Halo 3, Microsoft game studio, Microsoft Corporation Accessed Jan 2010.

d. Flight Simulator x, Microsoft Game Studio, Microsoft Corporation, Accessed Jan2010.

e. Second Life, Linden Research Inc,, Accessed Jan 2010.

f. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Systems Incorporated, 2009,, Accessed Jan 2010.

10. The authors drew most of their ideas from the Interactive Genetic Algorithm. The technique gives non-users the technique of generating rapid terrains. The authors also prefers Computer Aided Modelling because it is one of the flexible technique for designing and generating terrains.

11. The idea that can be brought into the proposal includes the combination of semi-automatic technique with computer-aided modeling and physic based modeling. The combination of these techniques will reduce the aspects of the user input and at the same time promoting high quality output.

12. The test data presented by the proposal is reproducible and thoroughly explained at the same time. Even examples and test results are provided in the methodology section of the paper. The arrangement of the results also makes the objectives of the results understandable and easy to comprehend.

September 04, 2023
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