Allocation of goods and resources Research Essay

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When allocating goods and resources in society, justice and fairness should be taken into consideration. However, if a person’s requirements are not met, they should go back to the drawing board and consider how they were allocated in the first place. If all the rewards have been met, they should be satisfied.

There are various kinds of norms, but it relies on the perspective one takes. An method to acquiring knowledge can be gained through observation, which can be either direct or indirect, such as through experience. One can also make a judgment in a group if he sees how people are behaving in a group, by observing the above approaches one can quickly conclude.

One also must look out for the following in a group so that he or she can conclude that the decision made in the team was fair and just. Equity, by this, means that what one brings in the group regarding the time committed, the energy consumed in coming up with and the percentage of income one contributes should be directly proportional to what he or she when it comes to sharing of profits. These means when a person adds sixty percent in a group when it comes to sharing of the benefits he should get sixty percent of the profits.

Equality, despite one’s effort in the group in terms of contribution when it comes to sharing of profit the profit should be divided equally to each member of the team, meaning that the person who has contributed twenty percent in terms of the income needed the commitment made and the energy required to pursue the group’s project one should get the same to the person who contributed sixty percent of the time, money and the power required, this principle in the category of dividing profit may lead to laziness of group members leading to conflicts.

The use of merit is another principle one can look in the group to conclude the decision in the team was fair and just. In quality what one brings to the group’s table concerning the energy, commitment and the amount of money contributed should be proportional to what he or she gets during dividing of profits. There is much resemblance between merit and equity only that in value one adds to what he or she can afford. A business group is made up of people who know each other, and they see one’s financial status so one cannot contribute less than his economic situation.

One also needs to consider the principle of need. The purpose of creating a group is to save the person regarding help regarding finance. The person in need of help regarding investment should be given the first privilege when it comes to sharing of profits regardless of his contribution towards the group.

Frohlich and Oppenheimer decided to take a study to test Rawl’s empirical theory, and they found out that efficiency and need are the mostly used principles. Mitchell tends to disagree with them since he carried an experiment and found that people liked efficiency principle more than the need principle, but he did not come out clear because he did not explicitly state if the need depends on equality in the group or not, or it worked independently.

The two experiments differ due to the different methods used.


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July 15, 2023

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