Altruism: behavior of caring

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Altruism and Social Engagement

Altruism is the behavior of caring about the well-being of others, whereas social engagement is the behavior of taking part in fostering a sense of community. Both actions are examples of selflessness because they are done without expecting anything in return.

Activists for Innovation and Change

The majority of advocates for innovation and change are neither rock stars nor the world's billionaires. In reality, one doesn't need to own all the resources required to transform a life and influence society. People have recently risen up to assist in resolving issues in various areas, even those that are far from their homes. These people are fueled by some irascible mix of indignation to make a change and a vision for a happier world (Kristof Np.).

The Importance of Activists

It is through such activists that the world has a hope for a better future since governments have failed their citizens and organizations formed for social welfare often look away. For a long time, communities facing social oppression have called upon institutions such as the UN for aid. Unfortunately, this help does not come quick and sometimes it never comes. For this reason, activists of social change have taken up the roles to save victimized communities from oppression (Kristof Np.).

The Sacrifice of Activism

Devoting yourself may seem glamorous, but it is a calling of sacrifice and hard work. Activists often run out of resources, and they have to fundraise for the course and to sustain themselves. Others end up losing their relationships. Through their deeds, a ripple effect of helping a community is created, and they light a hope of a fulfilled society through encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. Everyone should be inspired that with whatever little one has, they can make a difference to transform the life of a community. It starts with you and me.

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March 23, 2023

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