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Assessment in Education: An Essential Component of Instruction

Because it establishes whether or not the educational objectives have been attained, assessment is a crucial component of instruction. The choice made about grading, progression, placement, instructional requirements, and curriculum typically has an impact on assessment. This essay aims to provide a thorough justification for why educators integrate exams within the curriculum.

The Benefits of Effective Assessments

When assessments are used effectively in instructional teaching, they give the teacher diagnostic feedback about the students' knowledge, performance, needs, and exactly what has been taught. Because they show knowledge, skill, and understanding, assessments also help teachers set standards. Furthermore, because they provide examples, they let educators assess students' development. how the students are performing, whether the teaching methods are effective and what changes need to be done so as to improve performance. Additionally, assessments clearly demonstrate the progress of students by identifying what they have learnt, whether they can talk about the knowledge they have acquired and whether they can introduce the new skills when dealing with other projects (Russell, Airasian, & Airasian, 2012).

Motivating Students and Teachers through Assessments

To some extent, assessments motivate the performance of student because they enable the students to perform a self-evaluation test which assists them to know how they are doing, to know how they can improve and to know what they have to know before end of the term. On the other side, it motivate teachers to conduct a self-evaluation test which enable them to know what is working best for the students, what they can do to assist student to perform better and to know the way forward (Russell, Airasian, & Airasian, 2012).

Reflective Activity: Evaluating Instruction through Assessment

In conclusion, instructional assessment is a good example of reflective activity which informs about the outcome of the instruction through evaluating the performance of students. Additionally, the information gathered from this evaluation enable teachers to evaluate their teaching strategies and methodologies.


Russell, M. K., Airasian, P. W., & Airasian, P. W. (2012). Classroom assessment: Concepts and applications. Dubuque, Iowa: McGraw-Hill.

March 10, 2023

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