Analysis of Leadership Style of Adolf Hitler and Florence Nightingale

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Leadership Styles and Their Implications

Leaders use various styles in influencing their team and colleagues at work. Research indicates that the different leadership styles have varying implications. For example, Adolf Hitler was a dictator in Germany where he used force, threat and intimidation to get what he wanted ("Adolf Hitler", 1939). Consequently, his leadership style led to the destruction of alliances with foreign countries and the start of the Nazi regime which killed many people who defied the dictator's orders. Conversely, Florence Nightingale used her position as a nurse to help the sick and reduce unnecessary deaths. Florence used her skills in transforming and reforming the nursing career and hospital sanitation which minimized the number of people dying from preventable causes (Audin, 1998). Similarly, the president of the Canadian Nurses Association (CAN), Claire, Betker used her democratic style of leading in improving the sustainability of health and developing the nursing workforce in Canada (President, 2018). Additionally, some leaders are both charismatic and transformative like Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian Hockey player and Oprah Winfrey; a television personality used their charisma to champion others. Consequently, Wayne and Winfrey have the foundation that helps the needy as well as cultivate growing talents.

Consistency in Helping Others

There is some consistency between these leaders regarding helping others despite their status. For example, Florence, Oprah and Gretzky used their knowledge to help others without expecting anything in return. Also, the president of CAN influenced her colleagues in improving the workforce and the services provided. In exemption of the dictator Hitler, the leaders mentioned earlier are committed to bringing positive change to other people's lives. Additionally, the influence, motivation and impact they have on other people and colleagues in their line of work qualify them as leaders. The effectiveness of a leader is determined on the cooperation of the people they are leading and also the positive impact their activities have on people around them. For instance, Hitler the dictator was a leader but not an effective leader since his actions destroyed lives and foreign alliances which led to the decline of the economy in Germany.


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