Analysis of The Hamlet Movie

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The Hamlet: An Immensely Successful Movie

The Hamlet is a movie by William Shakespeare which had immense success due to its presentation.

The Plot and Exposition

First, the plot, exposition, rising action, conflicts, climax, falling action, denouement and the resolution constitute the presentation of the movie. The plot is satisfactory hence the flow of ideas is perfect. The incidents, which make up the Hamlet story, are hilarious hence the story wins the appeal of the audience. The exposition is also made to attract and capture the attention of the audience. This is due to the introduction of the setting, the characters and the presentation of the event in the movie is done in a professional manner. For instance, Shakespeare introduces the Elsinore castle where the movie begins, the scene of the statue of King Hamlet moving is hand and the Ghost introduction (Wilson, 2010).

The Rising Action and Conflict

The exposition is successfully made given that all the characters in the movie are identified to enable the audience to be able to understand the flow of the movie. In fact, the identification of the role of the character is part of the flow of the story hence it is indispensable in the understanding of the gist of the movie. The rising action is also presented in a professional and appropriate manner. In this case, the events of the movie that contribute to the creation of tension and suspense are identified. For instance, the cause of the tension manifest in the Hamlet movie is caused by the conflicts occurring in the movie. In fact, the tension contributes to the appealing nature of the movie. The rising action marks the gradual increase of tension as manifest in the realization that Claudia is the murderer of Hamlet's father (Shakespeare, 2015).

Complications and Internal Conflict

The discovery is one of the incidents that lead to other events in the movie. For instance, Hamlet starts acting strangely hence causing confusion and complication among the other characters in the movie. According to In Leavenworth (2011), the participation of both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in spying on Hamlet's perceived madness complicates matters in the movie hence making the movie exciting for any audience. The other rising action that is manifest in the movie is the soaring of the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia due to Polonius disapproval of their love. The utilization of conflict in the presentation of the move serves to execute the audience and bring suspense to the movie. Hamlet is subject to an internal conflict whereby he struggles to deal with his sorrow and the turn of events. For instance, he fakes madness and craziness after the demise of his father.

The Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution

Conflict is appropriately utilized as manifest when Hamlet stabs Polonius for eavesdropping on his quarrel with Gertrude. The climax of the Hamlet movie is perfectly done. In this regard, the climax of the movie is when both Laertes and Hamlet revenge against their enemies. The falling action of the movie is the death of Gertrude after drinking poisoned water, which was supposed to kill Hamlet. Shakespeare's utilization of denouement enhanced the success of the movie. In this case, Fortinbras' arrival causes the death of all the people lying down except Horatio who lives to narrate the story to Fortinbras (Williams & Harris Meltzer Trust, 2014). The resolution aspect underscores the end of the story. In the Hamlet movie, the resolution is the point at which Fortinbras takes over the throne hence becomes the king of Denmark. Consequently, the statue of Hamlet is destroyed.


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September 25, 2023

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