Analysis of Why Medieval Civilization Declined and How It Relates to the Future of the United States

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What are the key factors that Gimpel emphasizes in his analysis of why medieval civilization declined and how these related to the future of the US as of 1975? Do you agree?

Several reasons are put forth by Gimpel as to why the declination of the civilization occurred and its relation to the United States of America’s future. Firstly, the author states that one of the causes of the declination in question was because of famine that had been brought by the long-term years of war (Gimpel, 1993). Further, the author highlights that the censorship that resulted from the religious entities also led to the decline in the civilization. However, I disagree with the author on various points. For instance, I would argue that the decline in question was caused by the decline in the feudal system in which every individual had a definite role as well as exact place and placed the power in the hands of the local lords, which was essential to the growth of the trade. However, the decline of both church's power as well as the feudal society came with the implications of decreased growth in trade and birthed the rise of a money system. Other reasons include the conflict between the monarchy and the papacy over matters of politics that resulted in people losing their faith in the church.

I also differ with the author in his arguments about technology because the passing of time has disapproved them. The author stated that the peak of technology would be experienced in the 1970s, which was wrong and never occurred (Gimpel & McPhail, 1994). Besides, he also presents a complacency of thought that innovation would stop as a result of uninspiration that will be instilled into the innovators to make them stop seeking any further innovations. Conversely, innovations have always been in play at all the times in history as probably even in the future.   


Gimpel, J. (1993). The cathedral builders. London: Pimlico.

Gimpel, J., & McPhail, H. (1994). End of the Future. Adamantine P.

November 13, 2023



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