analyzing issues for today’s corporations - Discrimination in the workplace

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In today's business world, unequal treatment is on the rise. Discrimination occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee based on race, gender, race, color, age, or religion (""Workplace discrimination"", n.d.). As a result, many forms of discrimination emerge. The purpose of this study is to look into the most common types of discrimination and their causes in today's corporations. The growing incidences of workplace discrimination have demanded research into how and why workplace discrimination has become such a prevalent problem.

An exploratory research design will be used to collect relevant data for the study. exploratory research design help clarify and uncover variables associated with a problem and information need. The design will be supplemented by use of interviews and questionnaires to collect data for further analysis. The study aim at uncovering and reduce/eliminate discrimination in the workplace. This will help improve organizations productivity as some of its devastating effects is that discrimination decreases employee’s productivity, employees are disgruntled among others (Finn, 2017). The objective of the study will be to identify the main causes and effects of unequal treatments at the workplace.

Finn (2017) has highlighted some effects of work place discrimination citing that it may affect worker’s productivity, increase legal problems and disgruntle employees. This effects adversely affect both the employee and employers. Among the causes of workplace discrimination includes age, disability, race, retaliation and religion (Law, 2013).

In conclusion, the diverse effects of discrimination at workplace affects both the employees and employers. Workers efficiency and effectiveness in a task is lowered, due to physical and mental torture. On the other hand, gender, race, age and religion has become the powerhouse of discrimination in today’s corporate environment. The research finding will not diverge more from previous work since the issues have not been handled accordingly. The vice is still dominant in the corporate setup.


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May 24, 2023
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