Another Country Novel Analysis

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James Baldwin's novel Another Country was published in 1962 and is set in the late 1950s in Greenwich Village and Harlem, New York City. The novel tackles issues that were taboo at the time, including interracial relationships and extramarital affairs. This article explores the themes of the novel, and discusses the many themes that the novel touches on.

The Go-Between

"The Go-Between of Another Country" by Joseph Losey focuses on class distinction in Britain before World War I. It takes place in a time before social reform and the birth of the welfare state were the norm. In those days, the upper class of Britain had an endless supply of privilege. When Leo comes to stay with a friend's rich family, he meets and falls in love with his new hostess's older sister.


Eric from Another Country follows the life of a young white man named Eric who escaped from a dysfunctional family in Alabama to live in Paris. He fell in love with Rufus, but they were both shunned by their respective families. After relocating to France, Eric confronts his choices and past. He eventually finds happiness with Yves, but his relationship with Rufus causes him to question his morality. The novel explores how race affects everyone, including those who are white.


In Cass, Another Country, a young black drummer named Rufus finds himself in the midst of a tragic relationship. After failing in his career, he meets white poor girl Leona in a bar and soon follows her home. But Rufus is unsure of himself, and his only friend is the white Vivaldo, a failing writer who is married to Cass. One day, Rufus beats Leona and commits suicide.


Vivaldo's sexual experience with Eric is not without reservations. As a heterosexual man, he views his own actions as responsible for what happens. However, he ultimately submits to the experience. Eric also becomes a catalyst for Vivaldo's acceptance of his bisexuality.


Ida, another country is set in New York, and the novel focuses on the relationship between a young woman and an advertising executive. In the story, Ida begins to have an affair with an advertising executive named Ellis, who promises to help Ida further her career. She is also interested in Eric because of his relationship with Rufus.

Ida's relationship with Vivaldo

Vivaldo is a young white man who lives in the Village and is working on a novel. He is slim, with weighing eyes and an investigative spirit. Despite being raised in a poor neighborhood, he embraces his life as an artist. Vivaldo and Ida's relationship is both emotional and racial. Both of them find it hard to understand each other because of their different backgrounds.


The plot of Richard from Another Country revolves around a married man and his daughter Cass. Richard is a thoroughgoing Angevin, but also hot-tempered and capable of great cruelty. Despite this, Richard is more accomplished than most of his family, and he is a skilled soldier, lyric poet, and troubadour. Despite the problems in his marriage, he ultimately succeeds.

Cass's relationship with Richard

Cass is the wife of Richard and mother of Michael and Paul. She feels unfulfilled and miserable in her marriage and is dissatisfied with her life. Her marriage has become a chore, and she often feels like a housekeeper. The relationship between Cass and Richard is complicated, and the future of their relationship is uncertain.

Richard's jealousy of Vivaldo

Vivaldo is jealous of his teacher, Richard, who finishes his crime mystery novel and becomes a published author. As Richard begins a successful writing career, Vivaldo becomes jealous of his friend and teacher. He also feels jealous of the success that Ida is having as a jazz singer.

Cass's sexual anxiety

Another Country is an emotionally charged tour de force, fuelled by frustration, sexual anxiety, and adrenaline. The novel explores the disconnection of its characters with themselves and one another as they grapple with the loss of youth, innocence, and optimism.

October 05, 2022


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