Argumentation why the Death penalty is un-Christianity

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This thesis argues that the death penalty is un-Christian and should thus be prohibited in the United States.

Arguments for Why the Death Penalty is Un-Christian

Selective Enforcement of the Law

The administration of capital punishment to individuals is unjust, particularly to people of African American descent.

The death penalty is obsolete and no longer applicable.

According to Pope Francis, the death penalty is obsolete and should not be used in the present world because modern jails are capable of dealing with criminal criminals and preventing them from committing a criminal offense.

Social justice assists criminals in changing their criminal activities.

The social justice also gives the criminal offenders to make amends for all the dangerous things that they might have done to the society. Giving the criminals the opportunity to amend their behaviors through various acts that assert their lives is essential and should not be subjected to the death penalty.

Christ Died to Save Mankind from Blood Sacrifice

The death of Christ on the cross terminated the need for blood sacrifice and blood recompense on anyone who commits a criminal offense.

God Creates and Destroy Life

The practice of death penalty in the United States should be outlawed since it is only God who creates life and should, therefore, be allowed to destroy it at His own discretion.

Inconsistency in Biblical Teaching

The Bible teaching is not consistent. It speaks in support of the application of death penalty on individuals who commit murder, however, it also contradicts itself in the case of 35 other criminal offenses that were not considered to be subjected to the death penalty.


Death penalty is consistent with Old Testament’s teachings

The death penalty should not be outlawed in the U.S due to the fact that it is consistent with the Biblical teachings of the Old Testament. According to the Old Testament, it implies that the death penalty was established by God.

God authorized death penalty

In addition, death punishment should not be outlawed since it is authorized by God. According to Christians who do not support the elimination of the death penalty, they make their arguments based on the fact that the government does not operate on its own discretion, however, it acts on behalf of God who controls death and life.

Therefore, no one should commit a criminal offense based on the argument that God said no one should kill his or her friend.

It is the responsibility of every government to protect the property and life of its citizens hence it has the power to kill anyone who commits a capital offense in the society. Even though there are other individuals who might criticize the implementation of the death penalty in the U.S, it has led to the redemption of some individuals who might not have changed their behaviors were it not for the established death penalty.


In conclusion, death penalty should be outlawed.

Individuals who support the death penalty do not provide justifiable reasons to discredit the Biblical teachings about the value and dignity of human life.

There is also no any substantial evidence to support the argument that death penalty should not be outlawed in the United States.

In the modern century, it is not easy to execute a capital offender due to the fact that there are many organizations that fight for human rights and do not support the acts of capital punishment.

The process of executing capital offenders also take a lot of time thus makes some offenders to die due to old age in the prisons. As a result, the death penalty should be outlawed by the government of the United States.


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April 13, 2023

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