Basic Approaches to Study of Music

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Simply said, music is the harmonization of audible to the human ear sounds with culture as its primary medium. Time, performance, audience, and the music itself make up the main element that, from a cultural standpoint, defines the music model. Since music has an emotional effect, this is what causes people to move or dance. The power of music is thus amplified by performing nature within people.

While there are various factors at play when music is performed, the audience is most often moved to laugh, sing, and play. In other words, we carry the emotions of the listening audience with us as we play music, which may cause them to applaud, hiss, smile, or even cry. The other characteristic of music performance are the procedures and rules that enhance the sensibility of music to the audience. For example, in rock music, the guitarist imposes the breaking melody without using the 12 tone scale altogether. It becomes important to note that many studies on the music culture tend to explore the human behavior about music in conjunction with the principles of music analysis. For instance, it seeks to explore and answer the question whether bird’s songs conform to this model and if they do, how and why? It is right to argue that the world music performance is community-based and how a person relates to music determines its profound effect. There are different ways in which music relates to class, gender, age and religious identity of individuals.

Today music forms an almost constant and reliable background to lives of many people, and this brings time and space to a place of key consideration. Performance, experience and society music changes over time and space. These changes dictate the history of music and the laws that govern its development spectrum. The television and radio recording eliminate the barrier to hearing music on face –to-face performance alone.

April 13, 2023

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