Big Shot’s Funeral

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Explain how the following two (2) scenes of Big Shot's funeral make fun of rampant commercialism: Tyler's Reincarnation as a Black Boy; An Insane Businessman Determining Who Is A Successful Person. What is Feng Xiaogang's stance on commercialism (supportive, critical, or otherwise)?

Big Shot's Funeral parodies the commercial Tyler's reincarnation as a black boy by having the cartoon character drink water that turns his skin black like African people. Also, he makes fun of insane businessmen in a commercial by having the guy say more than three words to the viewers.Feng Xiaogang is more toward critical thinking of commercial because most of his commercial have a lot of hidden meaning to tell the audience, also the reason why many people want to put their commercial on this person funeral.

2. Explain How 24 City Perceives Urban Transformation in The Following Two (2) Scenes: Workers Singing in A Large Auditorium; Zhao Tao’s Character in Her Volkswagen Beetle Car in An Empty Lot. What Is Jia Zhangke’s Evaluation of Socialist Legacy (E.G., Nostalgic, Critical, Or Else)?

In this movie, all of the workers wear the same cloth, it represents Chinese socialism, and they sing a song together for Chang Fa group to start their new chapter of everyone life. Volkswagen Beetle car in an empty lot represents the rapidly grown in the economics of China by many tall buildings behind the girl. Jia Zhangke evaluation of socialist is very critical by showing how Chinese economy grows every day. It is good for a new generation of people, and bad for the old generation of people because they get left behind with any job and support.

3. Describe How You Interpret These Two (2) Details from Plunder of Peach and Plum: The Child Is Abandoned at An Orphanage; The Old Principal Visits the Imprisoned Former Student. What Message Does the Film Send by Ending in Tragedy?

The abandoned child at the orphanage is the child of the old principal who imprisoned the former student. His student gets into jail because he steals money to pay for doctor fee for his injured wife. His wife dies since her wound is incurable and old principal wants his son to have a better life, so he decides to abandon his son at an orphanage to have a better future. It ends in tragedy, showing us how the older generation of people sacrifice themselves for better future of a new generation of Chinese people even they need to exchange it with their blood.

4. Cite Two (2) Examples From It’s My Day Off to Illustrate How the Film Emphasizes the Importance of Everyone Helping Others. What Reward Does the Model Policeman Get in The End and Why Is It Important?

On the day off, police officers still come to a nearby neighbor to help people to prepare for spring cleaning time, and elder lady helps him wash his clothes. On the way to a date with one girl, he helps one old man from drowning and in return, the nearby factory people gives him new clothes to change. At the end of the movie, the girl he is trying to date gets mad because he came late. Before he left the house, he meets an old man he helped earlier and turns out that old man is the girl’s father. The reward the policeman gets is a better relationship with that girl.

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