Biological and Medical Courses at Mason University

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The human race is always curious, adventurous, and inquisitive beings who utilizes every golden opportunity to innovate and explore new solutions facing society on all fronts of academia, science, industry, and religion. The struggle of every individual to make a difference results in a healthy competition of ideas which eventually lead to new frontiers in all sectors of the economy. My curiosity is in the field of biology and medical courses because I am passionate about becoming an accomplished doctor. From childhood, I have always been fascinated with living organisms, the environment, and intriguing anatomy of various animals. My passion for biology has been a critical focus in my life. My interest in looking at cells using a microscope build my desire to find out various processes in the growth and development of human and animal organs. Human deformations and malfunction of some body parts have prompted to pursue biological studies to find answers to these challenges.

There is unique beauty in the organs and complex structures of the human body. However, to witness a disease like cancer destroy and lead to deterioration of the body functions is very painful. While I was in the sixth grade, I saw my grandfather succumb to the cancer of the skin. The loss made me realize the effects that such conditions can have on the patients and close relatives and appreciated how fulfilling it can be to be a doctor under such situation. I value the diverse job that the doctors do which is not only confined to performing surgery and prescribing medicines but also showing compassion and empathy to the patients.

Since I was young, I had a flare for biology, and it heightened after I heard of the Mason biological and medical courses. I found out that their perspective and innovation in the medical field is intriguing and progressive. I aspire to pursue undergraduate studies in this institution to research more about the biological processes, human anatomy, and get a deeper understanding of the cancer-causing tissues and gene mutations. I would then apply this knowledge in the real world to put an end to cancer which is one of the most significant cause of death in developed countries. Ever since I gained an interest in biology, I have been looking for answers to questions such as the heterogeneity of tumor cells and its implication for the treatment of cancer. Also, I have been aspiring to research on the ability of particular tumor cells of mammals to spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, my essential goal in life will be to employ technology to develop a means of identifying self and non-self in mammal cells.

During my college experience in Mason, I hope to utilize its vast resources in the field of medicine and technology to gain all requisite knowledge to deal with biological and environmental factors contributing to poor health and especially elements that predispose human beings to cancer. The unique programs and admirable professors in the institution give me confidence that breakthrough in the medical is in the offing. I want my inquiry into the medical field help me to achieve a milestone in cancer treatment, and consequently reduce the economic burden attached to the disease. I believe that finding answers to my questions would fulfill my desire and join the world of successful scholars from this wonderful institution.

August 14, 2023



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