Bipartisan Highway Bill Offers Hope for Infrastructure

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The Bipartisan Highway Bill and Its Impact on US Infrastructure

The article entitled, “Bipartisan highway bill offers hope for infrastructure” is about the current bipartisan bill that in some ways has an impact on US infrastructure (Rodney and Norman, 2015). According to the article, the passage of the first multiyear surface transportation authorization bill would give American business and American safety the green light for several years to come, something that would result to correction of the American economy in some ways.

The Importance of American Infrastructure

Firstly, as the article starts, the authors affirm there is nothing that can be compared with the American infrastructure, it is symbolic to the American way of life as it connects Americans to different places, and it is the way through which job-creating goods are distributed (Rodney and Norman, 2015). Also, it is the lifeblood of the American economy and society, and so by passing the bipartisan bill, America as a country is kept moving forward and safely. This impacts economic activity in the US.

The Need for Safe American Roads

Secondly, because of safety risks, it is necessary to keep the American roads safe by restructuring and repairing the surface transportation facilities. This is one way, or another means protecting Americans who are ever on the road for their daily earnings from road accidents which are so much rampant on unworthy streets.

The Power and Practicality of Bipartisanship

Thirdly, this bill has impacted economic activity in the US as it acts as a bridge that finally connects Republicans and Democrats, symbolizing the power and practicality of bipartisanship in government, something that leads to economic devolvement (Rodney and Norman, 2015). As is always said, togetherness is a factor that should be embraced by any government official as this would mean working towards a goal.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the current bipartisan bill positive effects outweigh its negatives and so should be looked into categorically for the benefit of America. This runs all the way from the infrastructural benefits to safety on roads which finally boots an economy.


Rodney S. & Norman y. M. (2015). Bipartisan highway bill offers hope for infrastructure. The Hill.

October 24, 2023

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