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Blast Motion Corporation is a baseball company based in California that focuses on boosting player performance. Easton power sensors were used to capture and analyze capture angles and swings in order to increase shot accuracy (Bentley et al).

The sensor apps have proven beneficial to the company because they are portable and can be used by people of all ages. The sensor allows the corporation to track varied player performance, allowing it to eliminate up to 75% errors caused by incorrect player performance records and reduce gaming faults by enhancing player performance (Bentley et al). Design of goods and services explains how other operations are impacted, i.e. product quality determines how costs can be minimized will quality improvement is noted as well as implications for human resource sustainability as noted in blast company where the sensors improve game quality and are affordable (Heizer and Jay).

Managing Quality

Managing quality determines customers expectations regarding quality and establishes set policies aimed at achieving the set quality (Heizer and Jay). The game improvement is formulated and is achieved by the sensors.

Process and Capacity Design

Process and capacity design determines how goods and services are produced and commits management to relevant technologies (Heizer and Jay). In Blast, the sensor technology employed is relevant as it improves the sport.

Location Strategy

Location strategy is applicable in setting up a firm near relevant customers and favourable landscapes, i.e. for Blast who engage in baseball; a flat terrain was favourable.

Human Resource

Human resource specifies on terms concerning employee recruitment, motivation, retention and termination (Heizer and Jay). Blast workers are hired through the human resource.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management describes on necessities to be purchased in an organization and how they will be delivered (Heizer and Jay). In Blast, supply chain plays the role of firm purchases.

Inventory Management

Inventory management focuses on how innovations can be implemented to improve customer satisfaction (Heizer and Jay). In Blast, the sensor technology was invented to improve customer accuracy which increases s satisfaction.


Scheduling faculty plays a role in short and long term schedule setting to utilize resources and personnel in meeting customer demands effectively (Heizer and Jay).


Maintenance sector is responsible for ensuring that all firm resources are working efficiently and those with problems are fixed (Heizer and Jay). In Blast, this sector will ensure that the sensors function well.

Blast SWOT Analysis


Blast strength is based on the fact that they have well embraced the sensor as compared to their competitors hence they will never loose their customers who consider accuracy.


The sensor although improves accuracy spoils the sport as it is no longer natural based on human talent and ability.


Blast Company has an opportunity to expand their operations as the shot accuracy improvement through the motion sensor is craved by several baseballers across the globe.


The weakness with Bast company is that with sensor incorporation, people feel like the game is machined controlled and not founded on human talent hence people run to the natural baseball game.The sensor may be eradicated in the future for being viewed as a indulge to the sport.

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June 12, 2023

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