Bravo! Vail Concert 2017

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I intend not to miss the upcoming Bravo! Vail concert because of the experiences that I had last year (2017). Last year’s performance of Jazz Music at the Bravo! Vail concert was fascinating. Among the Jazz orchestras that are common with this festival include Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic among others (de Burgos and Hadelich 12). My passion towards the Bravo! Vail concert is the ability of the orchestras to blend both modern and traditional forms of Jazz Music.

Although the concert had other genres such as Pop music, the exciting part of was the Jazz segment. With Jazz, the audience was thrilled not with the musical accompaniments but with the philosophical lyrics that the orchestras performed. With Jazz people listen to the creative lyrics by the performers (Virkkula 176).

The Jazz orchestras that performed in this context tried to maintain the tradition that is associated with this genre. However, the interesting observation in this concert is that the orchestras blended the old Jazz tradition with some of the emerging trends in the community. As such, the music was not confined to a particular portion of the audience.

The unison that was reflected between the singers and the pianists was unimaginable. When listening to the music, one will realize that that the singers were in line with the tempo of the instrumentalists. When the pitch of the musical instruments was high, the vocalists' voice was also raised; this played a significant role in ensuring that there is harmony.

In the concert, the segment that was entertaining was when the performers invited the audience to join them in singing some of their favorite songs. Considerably, this electrified the crowd, and it reduced boredom as people became part of the performance rather than spectators.

The experience of Bravo! Vail in 2017 serves as the impetus to attend this year’s (2018) concert. However, this time I want to invite friends so that they get an opportunity to listen to Jazz songs where old traditions have been blended with some of the modern themes.

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October 05, 2023

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