Essays on Composers

Talking about composers in the classroom always sounds interesting, yet writing a Composers essay often becomes challenging. Regardless if you plan to write an essay on Mozart or Hans Zimmer, the trick is to provide sufficient information with good references. It is recommended to use various sources as you make claims. It can easily get confusing, which is why see our essays on Composers by taking a closer look at how each paper is structured. After all, it is always good when you have samples to start with. Have no worries and just double-check your essay with the grading rubric and read it aloud to make sure that it does not have repetitions!

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288 views 3 pages ~ 590 words
The Classical Period

The classical period occurred between 1775 and 1825, and the term ‘classical' was adopted due to the keen interest in th...

153 views 5 pages ~ 1337 words
Classical Music in the Late 1800s

Some people accuse classical music pieces sounding very similar, almost indiscernible from each other. However, through ...

141 views 5 pages ~ 1131 words
The Influence of Philip Glass on Music

Philip Glass is an American citizen by birth, born on 31st January 1937 Baltimore; Maryland. His music composition adopt...

214 views 2 pages ~ 298 words
Analysis of Schubert's "Der Erlkönig"

The song vocalist portrays four characters: the boy, the narrator, the father and the Elf king.  On the introduction par...

220 views 5 pages ~ 1341 words
The Emergence of Musical Canon in the 19th Century

and the 20th Century, musical concerts changed from being the common social events to individual listening events and no...

129 views 4 pages ~ 911 words
Analysis of Mozart's Piano Concerto in D Minor

This is the analysis if the Mozart’s piano concerto K.466 in D minor, completed on 10th February 1785. The piano concert...

239 views 4 pages ~ 829 words
String Quartet in G Minor by Johannes Brahms

The String quartet is composed of four movements, linked together in a similar manner as the movements observed in the o...

67 views 3 pages ~ 582 words
Flute Studio Recital

On November 14, 2018, I attended a Flute Studio Recital at the local hall. The program consisted of short sight-reading ...

105 views 5 pages ~ 1158 words
Ludwig Van Beethoven's Symphonies

In the city of Bonn, a musician, Ludwig Van Beethoven, was born and raised under the Holy Roman Empire. The date of birt...

185 views 2 pages ~ 383 words
Bravo! Vail Concert 2017

I intend not to miss the upcoming Bravo! Vail concert because of the experiences that I had last year (2017). Last year’...

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