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288 views 3 pages ~ 590 words
The Classical Period

The classical period occurred between 1775 and 1825, and the term ‘classical' was adopted due to the keen interest in th...

153 views 5 pages ~ 1337 words
Classical Music in the Late 1800s

Some people accuse classical music pieces sounding very similar, almost indiscernible from each other. However, through ...

280 views 7 pages ~ 1729 words
The History of Classical Music

Some of the music pieces discussed during the course include Almira, The Marriage of Figaro, The Prayer, and Dog Waltz w...

241 views 2 pages ~ 354 words
The Growth of Public Concert During the Classical Era

The most significant aspects of the growth of public concert during the Classical era relate to the need for entertainme...

212 views 2 pages ~ 276 words
John Coolidge Adams: A Modern-Day Beethoven

In my view, the artist who comes closest to being a modern-day Beethoven is John Coolidge Adams, a popular American comp...

142 views 2 pages ~ 413 words
Classical Music Genre

Similar to most music genres, classical music includes both liturgical and secular forms of music that were produced dep...

127 views 4 pages ~ 855 words
A Comparative Study of Baroque and Rock Concerts

Music plays an integral role in people’s lives which may be described as a form of art which uses sound as its medium. N...

197 views 5 pages ~ 1125 words
Classical Music Humor

Music humor is one of the most distinctive and novel features of the classical music style.  Classical musicians played ...

76 views 2 pages ~ 450 words
Analysis of Music Pieces

I specifically chose Eine kleine Nachtmusik because whenever I hear the sweet melodies from the tune, I reflect my life ...

215 views 5 pages ~ 1103 words
Baroque and Romantic Music

Over the years and in the course of societal development a couple of factors have been prominent in each society based o...

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