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Similar to most music genres, classical music includes both liturgical and secular forms of music that were produced depending on traditions of the Western culture (Jorgensen 135).  The piano Pathetique Sonata was composed by Beethoven and performed with the help of a piano, which gave the music the emotional impact of tenderness due to its lyrical theme. The reason for choosing this piece is due to the changes introduced by Ludwig van Beethoven such as the nepolitan sixth chord, which assisted in shifting from tonic keys to daring keys influencing romantic songs (

Cantata was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. The reason for choosing this piece is because Bach incorporated different music organs such as keyboard and violin making it fit in the characteristics of the style which was common during his music era (

Opera music such as Hallelujah chorus is another renaissance piece in classical music composed by George Frideric Handel. Opera music involves people with the different singing capacity and tonal variation making it easier and preferably compared to other genres under classical music ( Opera fits to its characteristic due to its uniformity and the storyline that actors illustrate through signing.

 Le Quattro stagioni also known as the four seasons composed by Antonio Vivaldi was among the masterpiece in the series of violin concertos. The reason for the preference of this music is because it contained natural voices from flowing creeks, singing birds, barking dogs, storm, and warm winter fires among others. Although it was a bit different and unusual for that period, Vivaldi was able to incorporate sonnets, which expounded on what narrative aspect of the music. Vivaldi was able to translate poetic lines into music by relating his music to the messages of the poems and later on translating the poetic words to different natural voices using violin as the main instrument. Classical music has remained to be unique and preferable due to their differences from piano-based, to violin and opera among other pieces in the classical genre (

Works Cited

Jorgensen, Estelle Ruth. "Western classical music and general education." Philosophy of Music Education Review11.2 (2003): 130-140.

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