Bully in the Workplace

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1. How can experienced nurses bully new nurses/ keep in mind this is a personal statement. I currently work in an emergency unit

Bullying is taken different forms in the workplace. First, the experienced nurses may exploit the new nurses by using their lack of knowledge of what is expected of them in a given area to do their tasks (Harris, 2018). This can take the form of the skilled nursing trying to direct a new nurse on how a particular work is done, but the motive for the gesture is to use the new nurse in completing the work for them. Such treatments from the well-experienced nurses are a reflection of bullying that is rampant in the workplace (Harris, 2018).

Secondly, the new nurses can be bullied by being wrongly directed into doing something that will get them into trouble so that they do not get a good reputation over the existing nursing in the organization. In the emergency sector, the experienced nurse may poorly orient the new nurse so that he or she gets summoned for his or her errors at the workplace by the manager and the regular nurse's pleasure (Harris, 2018). The bullying may be designed to make sure that the new nurse does not get recognize or achieve his or her dreams in the profession (Harris, 2018). It is a bullying practice because the harm it causes to the new nurse is entirely undesirable and it is only intended in making sure that the newly employed nurse does not come out on top in the department. Lastly, they can bully the new nurse by giving him or her wrong threats or information about a specific manager so that the nurse is always intimidated, which will, in turn, make him or her to fail to form a good relationship with the person thereby impacting his work adversely.


Harris, H., & Smith, C. J. (2018). Workplace bullying in nursing. change, 0.

October 13, 2023


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