Business analysis of Whole Foods

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Whole foods became thriving due to a number of reasons. First of all, their ability to adapt: this product began as organic, although they never stopped alternating as did their customers' needs and wants. Secondly, aggressive buying: the firm managed to purchase other local companies through acquisition. Thirdly, the fact that the chief executive officer, the CEO, is separated from the brand does not conflict with its business because it aims to provide excellent products to the clients. What is more, Whole foods was not just food and moving the bar. Nowadays, the company no longer has the competitive benefit due to grown competition from other businesses, such as Amazon. Also, the customers are able to buy organics from the local dealer.

Question 2

Whole food is using its strong brand identity to stay competitive. Primarily, the organization has established itself as a regional leader in the natural and organic food segment. The company has also invested a lot in customer service and store quality ensuring that the quality of the service provided is top notch. These main factors have differentiated the company from its competitors as it has a strong, loyal customer base. Furthermore, the company uses its 450 outlets by creating the high-quality customer experience.

Question 3

The strategic initiative of the company to cut cost includes eliminating more than 2000 jobs by centralizing some of the key tasks and streamlining the decision-making process to generate more efficiency. The company is risking to be caught in the middle as transferring the authority to make some crucial decision to the headquarters means that the corporation risks harming the firm’s customer friendly reputation of the enterprise. This will likely result in turning off potential shoppers who place a high value on the local product.

Question 4

To successfully drive its business strategy the company needs to implement some strategic initiatives that include increasing the number of the store to reach a wider customer base, refresh the older foods stores, and improve customer based value service. Consequently, the company can focus on digital initiatives to push the services online.

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