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Workers who work full-time for at least 35 hours a week and part-time regular employees who work at least 20 hours per week all continue to receive employment benefits.

Employees who work full-time will work 40 hours a week, with no more than 8 hours of overtime a week.

Managers can allow workers to use flexible job schedules such as a shortened work week, part-time work, and hour flexibility. Employees who work regularly full-time for a minimum of thirty-five hours weekly and part-time regular employees required to work weekly for at least twenty hours all deserve to get company benefits.

Employees who work full-time a week will work 40 hours weekly with not more than 8 hours overtime weekly.

The use of flexible work arrangements by employees may be permitted by mangers for the inclusion of a compressed work week, part time work and flexibility of hours.

A1. Rationale behind the policies

Employees who work regularly full-time for a minimum of thirty five hours weekly and part-time regular employees required to work weekly for at least 20 hours all have eligibility for benefits of the company. In the United States of America, health insurance is the main benefit needed by employees unlike the benefits offered in the United Kingdom. To make sure that there is no loss of healthcare coverage for the full-time and eligible part-time employees even if they chase a week which has compressed work or even if there is little drop in their hours. (Schlosser, 2012)

Employees who work full-time a week will work forty hours weekly with not more than eight hours in overtime weekly. To prevent any legal issues that may arise from obligations in contracts, formed between employees and their employers this policy ought to be put in place. In the state of it being a will, one is expected to be given 40 hours in a week if one is hired as a full-time employee. If the working are reduced, what follows suit is lowering of wages, low morale in the workplace and reduction in productivity. The limit of overtime that is available to only eight hours in a week, the company is given a high number of the expenses incorporated which is very clear for the appropriate allocation of funds. By doing this, the company will be a great workplace and a community source of income.

The use of flexibility in work arrangements by employees may be permitted by managers for the inclusions of a compressed work week, part-time work and flexibility of hours. For the company to fulfill one of its primary focus of being a great workplace, this policy should be in place. The employees are able to have a great life and work balance when they are offered a flexible schedule of work. This will lead tom the attraction of new employees while retaining the good ones since there is enhanced satisfaction in the job.

A2. Ethical issues at stake in the scenario

Ethical issues are different in that they are issues which are determined ability of an individual to see whether something is right or wrong. Legal issues on the other hand, are the issues which concern the law and they apply to all people equally. In the case of misuse of resources that is the top executives offer themselves high bonuses than the employees, something that is ethically wrong. Legally, the employees ought to be paid their bonuses according the contract they agreed on with their employers without failure.

A3. The role of the ethics officer in implementing and monitoring the policy created in part A to ensure compliance.

An ethics officer has a role to act as an ethical guide for the organization. Dealing with situations such as whistleblowing, conflicts of importance and misusing of resources are some of the few roles of an ethics officer. In TechFit, the ethics officer can change the policies through the attendance of employees in the orientation process then thereafter monitor the policies by conducting audits of timecards and schedules for their alignment and much more.

Corporate social responsibility and its application to the scenario.

Corporate social responsibility is a major part of culture in businesses that sets standards for doing business while encouraging involvement of the community in an environment-friendly way. TechFit will be able to benefit by responsible socially in building strong relationship with the community around it. This will help the employees realize that the company is not only making money but also helping the community in different ways.

B1. Ethical desirability of improving the company’s reputation based on the scenario.

Distinction can either build or break you so it’s of great importance for a company such as Techfit to be viewed as socially responsible. If this does not happen the returns will be greatly affected together with its durability as a company.

A business that is set up should always strive to serve the greater good. If a company is socially responsible, it will gain loyalty from the community and its future and present employees. If Techfit wants to gain acceptance by the community in Dellberg it should be viewed as an ethical company. This will lead to future investment by the people in the bankrupt city hence increasing their profits and resources.

B2. Describe an ethical and socially responsible course of action to address the business challenge based on the company’s culture and core values.

Making the company a desirable place of work in and the community a good living place is the core value of Techfit as a company. Its culture consists of empowering employees, development of leadership, engaging employees in decision-making and collaboration in the workplace. How the company is seen by its employees in the community its main problem. (Baker, Speedy, & &, 2014)

The company should make sure that the employees’ hours and wages are not cut, ensure that their voice is heard and they are well taken care of. The community together with city officials expect the company to make contributions in the rebuilding the city.

B3. Explain how the course of action from part B2 is ethically, socially and environmentally responsible.

The reallocation of funds to employees who work hourly from the top executives, fulfillment of commitments in the community by helping in rebuilding the city and encourage work by the employees to the growth of the community is the course of ction that will need to be taken. It is socially responsible in that the company looks out for the relationship among its employees and the community at large rather than only making profits. (Giddens, 2013)

In addition to that, it is also ethically responsible because it provides a good working environment for the employees through provision of a schedule that the employees are comfortable with. Lastly, it is considered environmentally responsible because there is encouragement of community development with the use of techniques which are environmentally responsible.


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November 17, 2022

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