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The Business Strategy

The business strategy was written for a corporation that would clean up building debris. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the firm will provide construction builders with the potential to properly handle their waste by collecting bits of glass and wood, drywall, and bricks to avoid disposal in landfills, and there is also a benefit to reuse recycled materials (EPA). Since Charlottetown is home to the bulk of PEI's population, the headquarters of this business will not be far from Charlottetown.

Main Product and Services

Our main product will be related to construction materials. Furthermore, our services will be provided by recycling constructions and demolition waste properly without filling up massive space of landfills.

Customer Satisfaction

Like any other business, we value the feedback from customers; the priority will be to make them contented with all the items of the quality they deserve.

Site Selection and Potential Benefits

Further we have to look at the best place where customers will easily access our products. In this portion, we mention items like site location, the expenses and the potential benefits, a site poses to our business.

Professionalism and Safety

The company will project an image of professionalism and safety, with well-trained members. Staff will follow the rules and regulations by acquiring a special uniform: safety helmets, gloves, steel toe boots, eye protection, and high-visibility clothing.

Company Name, Pricing, and Distributions

On the aspect of companies, the name also will play a significant role as we would have to look at the proper name that will be appealing. In addition to that, we have pricing and distributions are also other factors that we shall analyze carefully.

Promotion Methods

Promotion methods to ensure we sell the name of the company; the advanced techniques are required to ensure that the business is known to everyone.

Structure, Materials, and Operations

Moreover, we have to come up with a structure that can inform about the amount and value of materials to be used, the locality and the items of usage. Finally, the point of high significance is an area where the stations will be placed. The logistics and methods of operations will be discussed here.

December 08, 2022

Business Economics

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