California Mission System

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The California Mission System

The research topic will cover the California Mission System. The research will be tackled beginning from its history especially arrival of the Spanish colonialists up to the Mexican independence. The paper will be build on from the life of the Indians before the mission and after it. Aspects of their culture, social, economic and political lives will be discussed and how much religion changed them. Other major issues to talk about include, the role of the Franciscan Padres in the formation of the 21 missions, colonization by the Spanish and how it impacted on the Native Americans and the Europeans. The paper will analyse the missions significance, extreme cases of epidemics and strict social practices whose aid was to civilize the local community. According to the California Mission Foundation (N.D) the process of transforming the locals will concentrate on changing their Christian lifestyle to resemble the Europeans.

The Spanish Way of Ruling

The research will show how the Spanish way of ruling required the natives to relocate to areas where they were able to exercise social controls. Panich & Schneider, (2014) admit that the program was expanded to allow acquisition of many souls. The research will also try to link up life today in California mission to the past by showing its significance to the economy. The other major point of concern is an attempt to understand the issues brings the understanding of the mission. Phillips, (1974) agrees that the themes that are to be covered include religion, education culture and social implications. The materials to be consulted are mainly, historical books, journals, and authoritative online material. These sources are both primary and secondary. The secondary works selected will talk about the history of California, the native's way of life before and after the colonization. Information is sourced from authoritative online resources that contain major issues relevant to the topic. The primary sources are mainly books hence contain hard facts regarding the mission.

Research Assignment #2

Primary Sources

Jackson, R. H., & Castillo, E. (1996). Indians, Francisscans, and Spanish Colonization: The Impact of the Mission SYstem on Califonia Indians. UNM Press.

This resource is relevant to the topic given that it looks into the success of the mission program both in California and Spain. The books discuss the colonization period under the command of Franciscans which is among the issues to be looked at in the topic. The impact of the mission to the Indian culture and traditions is majored in the book. The economic activities practiced during the colonization period are also looked into extensively (Jackson & Castillo, 1996).

Kimbro, E. E., Costello, J. G., & Ball, T. (2009). The California Missions: History, Art, and Preservation . Getty Publications

The research will begin with the history of California hence this source is a rich historical book with illustrations related to the mission practices, buildings, works of art and climate. The research is based on issues of culture, economic and political implication hence the preservation of the various artifacts and their significance in California is analyzed in the books. The cultural, economic and political implications of various illustrations have been explained as related to the lives of the natives (Kimbro, Costello, & Ball, 2009).

Panich, L., & Schneider, T. (2014). Indegenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions: New Perspectives from Archaeology.

University of Arizona.

This source gives an overview of the Spanish colonization program in terms of the mission sites. The social lives of the natives and the economic activities before and after the colonization are featured. The book is rich in history of the Spanish borderlines where missionary activities took place. Various themes have been discussed at length such as power, trade, beliefs and politics (Panich & Schneider, 2014).

Phillips, G. H. (1974). Indians and the Breakdown of the Spanish Mission System in California . Ethnohistory , 291-302 .

This source gives information related to the history of Franciscan missionary and the spread of religion among the Indians who had no government. This attempts to bring the difference and changes that have come over the years. The book explores on the impact of the mission to the natives. The greed displayed in the Spanish mission system is featured and how it collapsed (Phillips, 1974).

Secondary Sources

California Mission Foundation . (N.D). California Indians, Before, During, and After the Mission Era. Retrieved Oct 21st , 2018, from http:\/\/\/california-indians\/

The resource is relevant to the research since it begins by explaining the history of California before colonization based on its rich culture. The emergence of the missions is said to be the beginning of a time of little choice where the Indians had to follow it's program. Although the process changed the natives, there are some cultural aspects that never changed as presented by the source. The Indians are well known for being business people and more so hold positions in the public service (California Mission Foundation, N.D.).

Smith., C. (N.D). ANTHRO 6 - An Introduction to California's Native People. Retrieved Oct 21, 2018, from https:\/\/\/~crsmith\/anth6_missions.html

The research is about the California mission hence it is considered the most dominant element in the source. Franciscan is considered the main way to alter the culture of Natives which ended changing the lifestyle of the citizens. The people's way of life is analyzed based on habits, food and religion. The transformation of the Indian lifestyle through the mission is explained in detail (Smith., N.D).

Tac, P. (2016). California's Mission System. Retrieved Oct 21st, 2018, from Digital History: http:\/\/\/disp_textbook.cfm?smtID=3&psid=531

The source gives an overall importance of the mission to the natives just as the paper is set to achieve. The highlighted benefits include; educational, cultural, religious and social which are some of the themes to be discussed in the research. The style used by the mission is listed and the comparison drawn before and after the missionary. According to this source, the approach to win over the Indians is discovered as through provision of food to lure them (Tac, 2016).

Toucan Valley Foundation . (N.D). Why the Missions were founded. Retrieved Oct 21st, 2018, from http:\/\/\/mli\/founded.html

The relevance of the source is the fact that it answers the question why the mission established? The resource shows the reasons to why the mission was formed in the first place including life before and after the mission. The methods used by the Spanish in colonization are uncovered in this source which and how successful they were in changing the lives of the natives and the Europeans. The source also depicts the success of their methods in other parts of the world (Toucan Valley Foundation, N.D).

Works Cited

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21st Oct 2018 .

Toucan Valley Foundation . "Why the Missions were founded." N.D. 21st Oct 2018 .

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