Cases of skin cancer

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Cases of skin cancer have been on the rise in today’s world. This paper explores the subject of skin cancer. Exploration of this subject will be carried out by defining skin cancer and analyzing the possible causes of skin cancer. The types of skin cancer will be briefly discussed. Brief highlights about the statistics of skin cancer will be done. Details of financial costs regarding the treatment and maintenance of cancer patients will be mentioned in this paper. A brief discussion involving the anatomy, physiology of skin cancer will be compiled in this paper. Thereafter, viewpoints of the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of skin cancer are made. The last task for the researcher will be to draw a viable conclusion for effective management of skin cancer. This will be achieved through the recommendation of appropriate treatment methods for skin cancer.

            Keywords: Skin cancer, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer


            Mandal (2018) and American Cancer Society (2018) defines skin cancer as a type of cancer that attacks cells that make up the skin of an individual. There are three types of cancer named according to the cells where cancer commences: melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma. Melanoma is considered as the most dangerous of the skin cancers. This cancer spreads over to the vital organs like the lungs, liver, brain and even in the bones. The major cause of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and solariums (Cancer Council of South Africa, 2018; CDE, 2018). From this definition, skin cancer can be described as a type of cancer that occurs as a result of the malignant growth of skin cells is caused by exposure to harmful rays of the sun.


Statistics on Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has been seen to affect the people of the male gender as compared to the female gender. The risk of developing skin cancer increases with the age of an individual. It is of the essence to note that young people who spend most of the times under the sun have higher chances of developing skin cancer. People with suppressed immunity are also at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. People with skin that can burn easily; light skin, are always at a very high risk of developing skin cancer as compared to those with darker shades of the skin (Cancer Treatment Centers of America, 2018; Skin Cancer Foundation, 2018).

            Skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer as compared to other types of cancer. Ninety per cent (90%) of cases of skin cancers are caused by exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Most males below the age of forty-nine years are at high risk of development of skin cancer. The probability that an individual will develop cancer by the age of seventy years is usually very low (Skin Cancer Foundation, 2018).

Financial Costs related to Skin Cancer

            The cost of treating cancer is generally very expensive. In the United States of America, the cost of treatment is estimated at USD 8.1 million; $4.8 million and $ 3.3 million for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers respectively. Individuals with skin cancer have low productivity compared to those who are not suffering from this type of cancer. The cost implication to immediate families of patients suffering from skin cancer is very high (Skin Cancer Foundation, 2018). Thus, both the patient and families need a lot of emotional, psychological and emotional support for effective management to take place.

Anatomy and Physiology of Skin Cancer

            Upon penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays, the damage on the DNA begins. Abnormal growth then starts to occur in this region. This abnormal growth is what is considered malignant/cancerous. Since the malignant growth occurs in the skin; the type of cancer, in this case, will be skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by a variety of factors: exposure to chemicals such as coal and tar, intense sunburns, the presence of cancer in the genetic lineage of individuals and weakened immune systems (Cancer Treatment Centers of America, 2018). The aforementioned factors make one predisposed to skin cancer.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis of Skin Cancer

            Diagnosis of skin cancer is done by doing a skin biopsy of the suspected skin area. The results of the skin biopsy may take a week to be ready at the laboratory. Treatment of skin cancer can be achieved by the employment of several methods: freezing, surgery, chemotherapy, scrapping and radiotherapy. Prognosis of skin cancers is dependent on the results of the skin biopsy (Center for Cancer Treatment, 2018). Specifically, for this study, the researcher will carry out a detailed analysis and recommend the most appropriate method for treatment and management of skin cancer.


            From the discussion above, the following conclusions can be made. Skin cancer occurs due to harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays. Skin cancer occurs upon abnormal cell growth on the skin. Skin cancers are of two types: melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. Cost implications of treatment of skin cancer are high to both the state and families of the affected families. Skin biopsy is the primary way of detection of skin cancer. Males are twice more likely prone to skin cancer as compared to women. The results of skin biopsy determine the most appropriate method of treatment to be employed the in treating skin cancer.


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October 05, 2023




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