Cell Phone for the Visually Impaired

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Although the use of mobile phones has been increasing, little has been done to introduce cell phones for the visually impaired people in society. According to Ionica (2012), the best entrepreneur is the one who identifies a gap in the market and comes up with strategies to take the advantage of the gap and introduce a product or a service. Being an entrepreneur, I have found that lack of these devices is an opportunity which is worth exploring and I, therefore, decide to introduce a cell phone which can be used by these consumers. In this case, the product will target people with total or partial blindness. One of the characteristics which will be unique in this product is that it will have features which can allow the visually impaired consumers to use them through their senses of touch and hearing.

Dick (2011) affirms that to succeed in launching a product in the market, entrepreneurs should use outstanding strategies which entail knowing the customer, and the characteristics that define them. To succeed in introducing this product in the market, I will consider various aspects such as proper segmentation, targeting, and positioning. These methodologies are crucial because they enable an entrepreneur to understand consumers based on their characteristics so it can be able to develop products based on their needs, and also to price them according to their financial capabilities (Dick, 2011). For segmentation, I will divide the consumers based on various subgroups. For example, I will divide them based on their level of income, and in this case, the subgroups will be low income, medium income, and high-income groups. The reason why this segmentation will be crucial is that it will enable me to offer the product at different prices to ensure all potential customers are able to afford the product.

The target market will be characterized by the visual ability of the consumers. In this case, the characteristics will be classified into two broad categories, namely total and partially blind. Successful launching of product requires an entrepreneur to ensure that the product has unique features and can solve the customer needs which other entrepreneurs or competitors have not been able to solve (Andres, 2018). The product will have different features to ensure that consumers with varying needs benefit. For example, the phones will be designed with features which allow the blind and partially sighted to be able to use.

The target market is attractive because it will involve solving a problem which has not been fully addressed in the past. Although there are many different companies that produce cell phones, few of them have considered developing ones which can be used by visually impaired and therefore it is good for entrepreneurs to utilize the opportunity. Targeting this group of people will mean that the cell phones will be in high demand because they will meet their specific needs, and will also be affordable to people of different income levels.

To ensure the product becomes fast moving in the market, it will be positioned as the best solution for the visually impaired mobile phone users in the market. With this type of positioning, people who are not able to use the normal types of cell phones will develop a loyalty with this product as compared to those of competitors because the positioning will give them a notion that there is something special with the product and therefore it is worth purchasing, hence giving it high chances of succeeding in the market.


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September 18, 2023

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