Cell Phone Use in Schools

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Since the discovery of cell phones, there has been a significant increase in its use from a communication gadget to a learning resources tool. In the cotemporal society school going children are allowed to have cell phones. However, there is an ongoing debate of whether carrying cellphones in schools impacts students negatively or positively. The essay will compare and contrast cell phone use in schools.

Negative Impact of Cell Phones in Schools

Cell phones are very disruptive to students who use them in school. The academic performance of students is adversely affected because they use most of their time on calls, texts, playing games, and in social media platform. Classes are interrupted as students with smartphones check they're social media during class time; this causes them to pay less attention and miss essential lessons. In cases where the teachers receive or make calls during ongoing lessons, they interfere with their communication and may even not remember what they were to teach (Guido).

Cell phones have elevated the number of students watching pornography during school time as they are less monitored. They also encourage cheating during examinations because students can text answers to other students or take photos of their responses, students may also search for answers from materials available on the internet. The cell phone also increases bullying within the school environment, students send threatening messages to others, and it is not easy for teachers to detect and stop (Wright).

Positive Impact of Cell Phones in Schools

Cell phones are used as research and learning tools, some students use cell phones as calculators, for taking notes, or recording teacher demonstrating concepts and thus help students refer back at any time during the day. Through cell phones, students access the internet and acquire additional information about the different topic and gain knowledge helping them to improve in overall performance (Guido). Cellphones are used for communication between instructors and the students; this allows passing of instructions and information. Students also use their cells phones to submit their continuous assessment test which helps in reducing the paperwork and saves space cellphones are also used by students to pass information regarding school matters and share homework through various platforms (Erin).


To conclude, the question of whether should cell phone use be allowed in schools is a controversy. Having a cell phone in school has both advantages and disadvantages, students who carry their cell phones in school get distracted and may lose concentration while at the same time the cell phones provide the students with a tool for research and expansion of knowledge.

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