Change in organization

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Organizational Transition

Organizational transition refers to the method of altering the society, structure, organizational processes, and techniques that it employs in performing its operations. As a change consultant, I was interested in an internal change phase. I was a part of the transition that aimed to eliminate large parts of the company while pushing some to ensure its success (Hayes, 2014). I was also interested in encouraging other people to work on the action plans that I had proposed in order for the transition process to become more effective. I was also among the people who were supposed to conduct coaching on my other colleagues by giving clarifications on the issues that needed interventions to ensure that other players are conversant in the change process.

Change Implementation

As an implementer of change, I was expected to be on the front line in the process of monitoring the way the process was taken up by both the clients and other workers. The work, a change implementer, is evaluating the expected change. I was focused on assessing the achievements of the change process that pinned under the action plan set. Evaluation of the goals achieved by the change process is based on the drawing down of the balanced scorecard shows how the desired goals for change have been achieved (Cummings & Worley, 2014).

The Impact of Change

The organization was able to increase its revenues due to the changes that I implemented. A positive change is expected to make an organisation better than it was and I felt the efforts that I made were not in vain. I realized that the roles of a change agent are better than the functions of an implementer.


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