Character Analysis of Angelica Pickles

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Angelica Pickles: An Unkind and Selfish Kid

Angelica Pickles is an unkind, harsh, and selfish kid. She is the eldest cousin to two siblings, Tommy and Dil Pickles. In most cases, she is seen mistreating her relatives as well as her peers. She displays the character with low self-control. The girl frequently perceives herself as more superior than others.

Examples of Angelica's Selfish Behavior

For example, Angelica uses her friend Chuckie to clean her room, which is actually her duty. When dad tells her that she can get whatever she wants, she claims that he must be kidding. An egoistic individual is one who is mean, self-centered, and mostly concerned about their own interests.

The Negative Effects of Egoism

Usually, a subject feels more important in an exaggerated manner which is opposed to respect. In our society, most pompous personalities are viewed to be hard to understand and deal with. Egoism makes a human arrogantly and brutally treat others either of the same age or even younger. Such man is mean and selfish, ending up mistreating and never sharing their materials things.

Angelica's Selfish Aspect

Angelica is associated with a selfish aspect of behavior. She constantly asks Chuckie to bring along his toys and crayons and consequently she is not sharing with him. This happens after the boy decides to do her a favor she has saved him from being knocked down by a four-wheel rider. In real sense, Angelica was preventing the candy from being crashed. We see her having a narcissistic feeling towards her friends. This is a feature of a conceited person.

Lack of Sensitivity to Others' Needs

Lastly, such people are not sensitive about other persons' needs. In one of the episodes, we see her screaming to mom that new baby is greedy, but occasionally, she is only concerned about herself and is only domineering over her small sister.

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