Charles Darwin “Natural Selection”

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is best known for his novel "Origin of Species." Darwin is an English naturalist whose natural selection theory of evolution is one of the most well-known theories of human history. When it was first proposed, the idea offended the Victorian culture of his day and was often ridiculed for claiming that humans and monkeys share similar ancestors. Via accessible writings, most educated citizens in Europe and America throughout the nineteenth century. Charles Darwin, on the other hand, conducted the requisite experiments and conclusively recorded evolution, making it acceptable to both scientists and the general public. The basic idea of biological evolution is that the populations and species of an organism change over time. At the moment when thinking about evolution, people are likely to think about the ideas of one specific person; Charles Darwin.

During the 1950s

During the 1950s, Darwin wrote an influential and controversial book called the origin of species in which he proposed the evolution of species and many living things their origin to common ancestry. “All the living things undergo descent modification." Darwin also suggested a mechanism of evolution; natural in which heritable survive to become more familiar in a specific population over time (Darwin, 4).

Karl Marx "The Communist Manifesto"

According to the communist manifesto, Marx declares that the communists have no interests of the working class as a whole. The communist is distinguished from the social parties through a sole focus on the interest of workers and not any other group. The historical forces are appreciated to compel the progress of the class. According to Marx, "The immediate aim the communist party is the same as that of all other proletarian parties" (EEB, 4)

Marx first identifies that capital is a social product, meaning that capital exists within the social system. The result is consequently social power instead of personal power. With making property public as required by the communists, it's hard changing from private to social. It simply means the modification of inherent social character.

Marx also criticizes the communist society as it would lead to general idleness. The criticism strikes Marx as laughable due to the fact in bourgeois society, the working class fails to acquire anything, and those who do not work are the people who acquire things. Thus, the charges suggest that bourgeois is a system of property. Marx accuses the bourgeois of increasing the immutable truths.

Sigmund Feud "Oedipus complex"

Of all the theories in human relationships, the theory has probably caused most controversy. It begins with a study of a boy who is outlined to fear Horses. Freud on his side believed that the boy feared things to do with feelings of anger that he had internalized and was related to parents. Freud, therefore, theorise that all small boys select mothers as primary objects of desire. The children subconsciously wish to replace the father's love for mother. Typically, the desires rise between the ages of three to five during the phallic stage of development (Sarah, 3). If the previous relationship with the parent was loving and non-traumatic, it signifies that the parental attitudes neither excessively prohibitive nor stimulating and the stage are passed through harmoniously. However, in the presence of trauma, an infantile neurosis occurs that acts as an important forerunner of the similar reactions during adult life of the growing child. Superego as a moral factor dominates the conscious adult mind and has an origin in overcoming Oedipus complex.

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November 03, 2022

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