Children's Online Privacy

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They have the right to privacy of their information

Children need not subject themselves to grouping based on their academic abilities and social disposition or any other segregation

Children need to respect others, their rights, and their duties..

2 Parent

Parent has the mandate to ensure that their children online information is kept safe and that no one uses it maliciously to bring harm to the kids

Parents should ensure that the environment presented to the kids is free of bias

Parents should approve the collection or use of any personal information of the users to ensure that proper laws are followed and the child’s welfare is protected.

3  Other Children

Peers have the mandate to keep their information and that of friends safeguarded to avoid misuse

There are equal opportunities for scholarship, education, and employment; and in the future basis may be provided for 'social scoring' and government rating of citizens."

Children active on the online platforms should ensure that they show respect for fellow children by not disseminating information that can harm or endanger their well being.

4.Four companies running networking sites

Online companies should  explain the category of personal data collected, how   it is exploited and disclosed, and the procedures for collection of individual information

Companies that create websites do develop technology that enables easier compliance with the verification requirement, which is an important constitutional issue.

Online companies should respect the rights of minors  as to the collection and use of their personal data by commercial service providers. The law does not limit children’s rights, it pursues the goal of regulating the practices of businesses.

            The dilemma was chosen in view of  its significant and acute character. Three principles were opted for due to the type of the issue chosen. The principles help reveal in the best way possible the peculiarities of children’s online privacy. The results show that companies running network sites address the highest level of responsibility as to confidentiality, while other stakeholders face the challenges of equity and respect for persons. 


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