Christian values and Chick-fil-A

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It is an American fast food chain called Chick-fil-A. It is a large network of restaurants that offers unique dishes to the American people. The business's headquarters are in Atlanta, and it focuses on the supply and sale of sandwiches and chicken (Seaman, 2012). The business was established in 1947, and as a result, it continues to be among the oldest in the country. The business has had success throughout the years, and it currently has more than 2000 restaurant locations in the United States (Taylor, 2015). Additionally, it needs to be made clear that although the business has its headquarters in the US, it also operates overseas. There is need to stress that the companies originally began with the then Dwarf Grill and referred to as the Dwarf house, (Seaman, 2012). This was the first location of the company, however it has moved to other locations since inception, and over the years it has since grown to become a force to be reckoned with the American fast food industry. Haven provided a background for this study there is a need to emphasize that unlike the average American company, the Chick-fil-A operates some unique Christian value, (Seaman, 2012). This study shall effectively describe such Christian values that are have instilled and operated by the company since its inception, and at the end, a conclusion shall be drafted, to sum up, the ideas of the study.

The business model

Haven stress that Chick-fil-A is a unique company that operates Christian values. It is also of the essence to point out that the business models operated by the company and specifically point out how it carries out its business related activities. The company retains ownership of its restaurants, and the company is also keen when it comes to factors surrounding the section of its location and the buildings on such locations. It operates a franchise arrangement that allows investors to operate with the company however the company demands a franchise fee of $10000. Grantham, (Russell, 2011).

The company could be considered as one of the most successful companies in the American market as it recorded massive sales in 2010 and obtained a frontline position in terms of sale in the American fast food companies. The company recorded an average sale of 2.7 million dollars per outlet. With this figure, it topped sales income chart among fast food companies in America and MacDonald came next with about 2.4 million dollars sales per restaurant, (Russell, 2011). The company place enormous consideration for its intellectual properties and hence such properties valued and well protected. The company has in recent times sent warnings of cease and desist to companies who they felt might and have infringed on the Chick-fil-A trademarks. The company has over the years has ran different successful market campaigns with concepts such as “Eat More” free shirts and screen-prints with the aid such massive sale campaign it attracts and retains its customer base, (Pedicini, Sandra 2010).

There is need to clearly point out that Chick-fil-A is one of most health compliant fast food company in America. In 2012 the America food and drug administration announced that the use of antibiotics for animal and also for humans has resulted in the prevalence of dangerous bacteria and therefore announced plans to phase out the use of specific antibiotics in the food industries. Based on the new requirement of the regulatory body Chick-fil-A also announced plans to phase out the use of such antibiotics in foot by its companies nationwide and based on this move the company was considered as one of the most compliant in the United States.

The Christian values

The study has clearly stressed that Chick-fil-A operates unique Christian values and these values are a major component of its corporate culture. The founder of the company was a devoted Christian and had his rooted beliefs in the Southern Baptist doctrines; this form of beliefs had tremendous effects on the company, (Nickerson & Dochuk, 2011). The company also has its entire guiding concept and attributes rooted the Christian faith. The company’s corporate statement and business motto states that “to obey God by being a faithful steward of all he has entrusted to us.” It must be noted that the founding believes of the company is expressively featured by the company irrespective of its location and irrespective of whether the company is corporately owned or operated as a franchised.

All the branches of the firm are expected to be closed during Christian holidays such as Thanksgiving, Charismas and they are also be mentioned that all Chick-fil-A must be closed on very Sunday, (Nickerson & Dochuk, 2011). Cathy the founder of the company believes that as a Christian his company must be guided by basic Christian concepts and by that putting God first is the first step to financial success and also stress that for him the principle of God’s principle is considered as a business priority, (Nickerson & Dochuk, 2011). Haven pointed out the Christian of values of the company there is need to at this juncture discuss the specifics Christian value instilled the Cathy and practiced by the Chick-fil-A company irrespective of location and ownership arrangement.


One of the Christian values practiced by the company is generosity, and the concept of generosity is also considered as a core value of the company. The company believes that the Bible teaches Christian to give and while giving they should do it with all their heart. Based on this notion of generosity the company has spends about $68 million annually on various charities and other education-related donation, (Nickerson & Dochuk, 2011). The company sponsors charities and education in a bid to adhere to the principle of giving as preached by the Christian faith. There is a need also to stress that the company operates a Cathy WinShape Foundation which is also a medium by which it reaches out various organizations, societies, and individuals that are in need of funds. The Cathy WinShape Foundation was founded in 1984 it has since then grown in its desire and capacity of providing help for young people with its main focus on youth sport-related programs and through scholarship.

Closed on Sunday is spiritual and practical

There is need to stress that an average American fast food company operates 7-days in a week. However, the Chick-fil-A is different the company is built on Christian principles and has operated based on a decision to close all outlet of the company every Sunday since 1949. At first, this decision was criticized by business observers and primary competitors of the company, (Nickerson & Dochuk, 2011). Claiming that a company of that nature operating in a highly competitive environment should open daily so as to meet up with its competitors and bid for greater sales. However, there is need to stress that irrespective of the Sunday closure the company records more than $5bn in the form of sales annually and operates one of the largest owned private properties in the country with more 2000 outlets spread across the 40 states in America and the capital Washington. The company stresses that it employees of all outlets and franchise deserve to rest and hence since God rested on the 7th day the employs are also entitled to rest.

He was a faith-driven businessman

There is need to stress once again that Chick-fil-A is a company in which all its Christian values are based Cathy’s Christian faith. Cathy could be considered as a faith-driven business man. Although the company has fed millions of Americans with sandwich over the years; there is need to state that the company has always portrayed its sound Christian believes and it has never been hidden at any time. The company’s head has clearly attributed the quality of products and service offering of the company as being in incompliant with the teachings of the scripture, (Robertson, 2014). There is need to stress that based on the Christian beliefs of the company it is opposed to issues such as same-sex marriages. In 2012 the company was said to have been involved in a controversial donation to an organization that is opposed to the gay rights and same-sex marriage and the company was totally unashamed to publicly declare its stand on the gay right issue, (Robertson, 2014).

Care for employees. The company specially supports its employees, considering human resource as the most dynamic but yet the most important resource available to any business organization. Therefore the company offers special bonuses and special performance related packages. The company also stresses that it employees are of value and that they are the brain behind its level of success. The company, therefore, believes that there is a need to show them the God kind of love that is was exemplified by the Bible. The firm also claims that it also closes its restaurants and outlets on Sundays as an avenue to allow its employees fellowship in church with members their families and close relations, (Nickerson & Dochuk, 2011). This is considered to be of importance to the company as they are all out to seek the welfare of their employees at all times.


Chick-fil-A is one of the biggest fast-food companies in the United States. The company operates about 2000 outlets across 40 states in America. The company holds one of the largest sale records among fast food operators in the United States. The company’s annual sale is about 2.7 million dollars per outlet. There is need to stress that the company is one of the most successful company in American with total annual sales from all outlets restaurant and franchise are over $5bn annually. Haven clearly considered the details of the company. The study points out that the company operates a unique company culture. The study, however, points out the company is built on sound Christian principles and practices which include closure of stores on Sunday and some other Christian holidays. The Study concludes that irrespective of its unique operation model the company has always shown signs of success, and it is one of the most successful companies in American fast food industry.


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February 22, 2023


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