Climate Change Mitigation Research Essay

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There are many concerns about how businesses lobby on climate problems and how it is reported. The business makes an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of its climate change mitigation strategy. (Slawinski and Natalia, 273). The business employs or hires policy lobbyists to oversee its mission of reducing climate change. Most businesses and institutions view lobbying as a means of advancing a specific interest at the cost of the company's overall success. The purpose of the paper is to create a response to the opinion editorial about the way the organization employs scientific arguments to raise money. The prevailing public view is that most firms lobby against climate change (Slawinski and Natalia, 263). The group will therefore, focus on lobbying spending, specific to climate change mitigation. While reviewing the expenditure, words related to changes in climate like global warming, greenhouse gas production and emissions, and carbon monoxide and dioxide should be in the lobbyist’s spending. In addition, the names and numbers of climate change-related bills must be indicated. If climate-related words or statements are found in their issue description, we conclude that the lobbying spending is for climate change. Lack of the key names raises the question of fund mismanagement. Lobbying Disclosure Act is deficient since it only provides the data on how much was spent, not what the company lobbied for or against.

The group will also use a lawsuit to strengthen climate change mitigation actions. This will be done through pressing of policy lobbyists and litigators to be more transparent and ambitious in their activities. Litigators will be responsible for filling any gap left by insufficient legal law. The company must therefore disclose first the subject of lobbying and the position it is lobbying for. In this way, the company will have complete lobbying report thus avoiding questions of concern from consumers and investors. Increased transparency brings scrutiny to business leaders (Heidari, Negin and Joshua, 900).

Policy lobbyists and litigators should publicly disclose their economic interest and avoid conflict of interest with the lobbyist principal. They should participate in mandatory ethical education to ensure that they carry out their activities for the goodwill of the company (Slawinski &Natalia, 280). The company and the lobbyists are subject to requirements and prohibitions under ethics Act and the lobbying laws. The policy lobbyists must first register with the secretary of state office and report lobbying expenditures. The law prohibits litigators from spending money to gain favor from state officials.

The group also seeks to ensure that the company and the lobbyists groups are pulling in the same direction. Same direction pulling is good for the company's long-term mission of climate change mitigation. When there are proper communication and openness from both parties, information provided by the lobbyist will be consistent with the company mission. As a result, the effort to raise funds to hire lobbyists and litigators will not be in vain. Lobbyists will be proactive, that is, identifying where changes in climate brings long-term opportunities and risks. Also pulling in the same direction ensures that the appeals given by the lobbyists and litigators are appropriate. Information on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be perfect for the benefit of the company (Heidari et al., 901).

A well-grounded legal advice provided by the corporation litigators in connection with compliance issues raised by global climate change assists the company in legal matters. Environmental compliance and regulation advice assists in responding to legal issues raised by climate change (Slawinski and Natalia, 261). With compliance and regulation assistance, the effort of fundraising contributes towards the good will of the company. As a result, there will be no room for inappropriate appeals to climate change. Transparency in climate change mitigation entails a clear explanation of the relevance of climate change to business interest.

Harmonization of state regulatory and litigation approaches to climate change. For instance, circumstances presented by the climate change and the unique features of greenhouse gases.


The state must be at the forefront when it comes to policy and regulatory responses concerning climate change (Heidari et al., 907). It should occupy the gap left due to lack of leadership on behalf of the federal government. It should enact mandatory programs for the reduction of green gas emissions. In addition, the deficiency of Lobbying Disclosure Act, that is, its failure to include what the company lobbied for or against should be revised for it to be accommodative. It is also for the company's and industry groups' actions to be reviewed, owing to the increased interest from the outside groups on what companies do on climate change policy. This will address inconsistencies between their public positions and the lobbyists.


There is a complication between politics and the policies of climate change mitigation. But this should not raise a question on the position of the company regarding climate change policy. There should be transparent climate change mitigation by the stakeholders involved. Moreover, with over 12000 climates change laws globally, a foundation has been built for further actions on climate policies. The challenge now is for the future generation to strengthen the existing laws and fill the gaps.

Work cited

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July 15, 2023
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