Cloud Based Collaborative System

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Some of the questions that one should consider when evaluating a cloud-based collaborative solution are:

a.         Is there a compliance and risk management program?

b.         Does the company protect sensitive data implemented and encryption?

c.         What is your personnel security policy?

d.         Does the company make threat and vulnerability identification?

e.         Is the hypervisor certified?

f.          Does the cloud governance based on industry standards?

Importance features to consider in cloud based collaborative system.

Certification and standards is one of the features to consider in cloud-based collaborative system because a supplier who adheres to recognized standards and quality framework also comply with industry best practices and standards. This helps in choosing the best service provider.

Technology is a crucial feature to consider in cloud-based collaborative system. This is because it should be able to be integrated into the system and expansion possibility.

In determining cloud-based collaborative system security of the data, encryption and data protection rules since some organizations have sensitive data which needs to be protected.

Reliability and performance is another feature to consider in cloud-based collaborative system since their is need to ascertain the reliability of the providers and how the system do considering the organizations needs.

Service dependency and partnership is one of the other feature to consider in cloud-based collaborative system since it is important understand the multiple vendor relationships a service provider has and it’s important to uncover any service dependencies and partnerships in the provision of the cloud services.

Data Governance and security is the last reason that one considers in cloud based collaborative system because if one has specific obligations and requirements which has to be met, one has to search for the providers that give you your choice and control regarding to the jurisdiction in which data is stored, processed and managed. One should look to understand the providers data loss and breach notification processes and make sure they are aligned with the organizations risk legal and regulatory obligations.

The collaborative system available today are;

1. Private cloud storage :- this is for specific organization and it is designed specifically for one person (designed strictly according to the requirement of the client and it can be used within that company or can be access by that person for whom it is designed.)

2. Public cloud storage :- this is for everyone who wants space to store there data online and one can give access to any users whom you authorize and require minimal controls because it can be accessed by anyone.

3. Hybrid storage :- It is the mixture of public storage and private cloud storage

All the collaborative systems available today apply the factors listed above and in each class it offers its unique features such as one compares the private cloud storage and the public cloud storage the difference will be in the amount of space one is given in private cloud storage is more than the public cloud storage.


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