College Education Importance

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Aside from higher lifetime earnings, people who attend college reap a number of other advantages, including a higher quality of life than those who do not attend college. Without a college diploma, one's options are limited to simple manual labor. People with a college degree are more likely to find better jobs with higher pay (Carnevale, Rose, & Hanson, 2013). They will have a decent chance of being promoted, having a raise, and acquiring advanced communication and thinking skills, which are useful when applying for other jobs. The value of a college education is discussed in this article, with a focus on a mother returning to school after having children. Increased opportunity is one reason why it is important that women go back to college even after having children. The United States has moved from being an economy based on manufacturing to knowledge- based economy (Carnevale, Rose, & Hanson, 2013). There has been a substantial decrease in the number of well-paying jobs that were once available for high school graduates. Therefore, a college education is the gateway to more opportunities and enhanced options. In the current labor market and economy, it is essential for women to go back to school to advance their career and to obtain better pay (Carnevale, Rose, & Hanson, 2013). By seeking further education, mothers are capable of rising to fulfilling positions that enable them to sort their family and financial responsibilities comfortably. Moreover, they acquire personal enrichment. It is necessary to note that nobody wants to be stuck doing jobs lower than their skills or to be underemployed.
By going back to college mothers become role models to their children. Children regardless of their age are in most cases inspired to advance their education by seeing their mother studying (Luttrell, 2016). When the mother works hard in college and does her best to achieve better grades, the children will tend to emulate her by putting in more effort in their studies. Therefore, the kids will show great responsibility with their homework and record significant improvements in their college or school grades (Luttrell, 2016). Moreover, the mother can organize their studies in a way that she sets the particular time when they study together or work on their assignments to motivate the kids. Furthermore, the dual-study times tightens the bond between the mother and the children and facilitates achievements of individual and family goals, and also improves the future family outlook.
College education also enables women to be financially independent, and develop their confidence and self-esteem. The new experiences that one acquires at school, the achievements, and individual growth provides self-assurance and motivation. The exposure to more and advanced careers together with the respect and pride one commands in their family improves self- esteem (Carnevale, Rose, & Hanson, 2013). The primary motivation is knowing that your studies are an inspiration to your children. College education also makes mothers gain financial independence. Possession of college degrees open chances for better-paying jobs and full-time employment enable women especially those separated with their partners to provide for themselves and their children.
In a nutshell, a college education is important to women with the kids or mothers. It enables them to advance their career thereby allowing access to better-paying jobs which in turn helps them to acquire financial independence. Additionally, the women become an inspiration to their children by motivating them to either advance or improve in their studies. Last but not least, by going to college mothers become more confident and enhance their self- esteem.
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Luttrell, W. (2016). School-smart and mother-wise: Working-class women's identity and schooling. Routledge.

August 09, 2021

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