Color Blind Racism in Mississippi Masala

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The film Mississippi Masala

The film to be used in this case is the Mississippi Masala. The film is a drama, romantic related produced in France in 1991. It is about dictatorship in Uganda when President Idi Amin ordered the removal of Asians from Uganda. The story lines used in the film help Ugandans to become color blind on their sense of self and to reproduce dictatorship. Idi Amin has the feeling that Asians are like white people and they should not overtake the African land.

Discrimination and Power Struggles

In connection with what whites did to Africans during the pre-colonial and colonial period, he assures Asians that they shall suffer on Ugandan soil. Many Asians have already established businesses in Uganda but they are forced to leave despite their immigration rights. In the process of vacating Asians, he also insists that blacks should regain power despite the persecution they have undergone under the hands of Asians and the white people. The film is developed in response to the current social discrimination that happens in many nations. The main theme of the film is antagonism between blacks and whites which is transmitted to Asians due to their skin color.

The Storyline

The storyline in this case is based on major characters in the play. One of the major characters, Mina has been living in the United States and has interacted with many people including whites and Asians. Although his parents are Ugandans, he does not like the fact that they are siding with the community and government to go against Asians. Mina acts as an arbitrating character between the community and the disadvantaged group of Asians. Although all the characters display racism, the storyline of this essay is majorly based on major characters who bring out the sense of belonging and action in the film. Color blind racism is based on the fact that a few individuals who understand the political system convince others to support their actions or what they think.

September 25, 2023
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