Companies with achievement cultures

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Organizations with accomplishment cultures place a premium on outperforming competitors and being competitive. By emphasizing these characteristics, a firm may fall short in the area of corporate social responsibility (Daft & Lane, 2015). Microsoft Corporation, for example, is commonly regarded as an enterprise with an accomplishment culture. Over the years, the corporation has been involved in several conflicts and antitrust actions with competitors. Success cultures are noted for having a clear vision of the organization's goals and focusing on attaining the specific goals set by the organization. Personal initiative, aggression, and competitiveness are the primary characteristics of achievement culture (Daft & Lane, 2015).

Microsoft's organizational culture promotes business objectives that lead to worldwide success. The success is based on responsiveness to consumer’s needs and innovation. The vision statement of the company implies to assist firms, and customers realize their full potential. Willingness to work hard encourages personal initiative that will help business and individuals to realize their full potentials (Jessica, 2017). The mission of Microsoft Corporation is to empower every organization and every person in the world to achieve more. The achievement culture is a result-oriented culture that emphasizes on aggressiveness and through aggressiveness, every organization and person can achieve more. The advantages of this corporate culture indicate that Microsoft is guaranteed to maintain its position in the market, based on fulfilling needs in computer software and hardware market.

The achievement culture in Microsoft Corporation improves workforce resilience and ability to address the needs of the company in the dynamic market for software and hardware products. Lack of institutionalized support for enough autonomy is a disadvantage of the organizational culture in Microsoft Company. Autonomy encourages workers to contribute innovative ideas to the organization. Therefore, Microsoft should be recommended to integrate autonomy in the adopted organizational culture (Guiso, Sapeinza & Zingales, 2015).


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May 24, 2023

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