Comparison of Commercial and Natural Feeds for Dogs, Cats and Horses

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Discuss the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Feeding Practices and Natural Feeding Methods for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Owners of dogs, cats, and horses prefer feeding their animals with an improved diet. However, some people lack knowledge on the right type of food to feed their domesticated animals. When these creatures are given improper diet, they often develop health glitches which eventually cause death.

For many years, people have been feeding their animals on natural food.  For our case, natural food that is suitable for cats and dogs include meaty bones, and chicken. Moreover, pets require by-products of poultry for them to be healthier (Lynn 2004: n.p). The other natural food suitable for dogs and cats includes fish and vegetables. On the other hand, natural food which is good for horses should be rich in fiber since they have a distinguished digestive system. Today, commercial food which is given to dogs, cats, and horses has been nourished with nearly all nutrients that are needed in the diet. The diet contains glucose, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients). The type of commercial foods which are sold has been researched and proven to be fit for animal consumption.

There are numerous pros and cons associated with natural feeds of dogs, cats, and horses. For the pros, natural food for these pets turns their skin into shiny and healthy due to strong energy levels in them (HATO 2018: n.p). Furthermore, natural food enables the animals to develop strong muscles and other organs because they get direct nutrients from the food they feed. Moreover, the food is free from artificial additives and harmful preservatives. Natural food has constituents which contain antioxidants meant for the growth of animals.

On the other hand, natural foods for cats, dogs, and horses also have various disadvantages. Firstly, they are expensive, especially for the middle-class people. For example, not all people can afford flesh for dogs and cats on a regular basis. Secondly, natural food is rarely balanced especially when considering the percentage of zinc and iron found in the diet (HATO 2018: n.p). Third, natural; food for dogs, cats, and horses may have numerous bacteria that are harmful to their health. Notably, pathogenic bacteria are often found in the waste during egestion.

Similarly, commercial diet has advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages are that the food is easily digestible particularly for the mentioned animals. The diet has been simplified by the animal experts to provide ready nutrients. Moreover, commercial feeding method has used anthelmintic products that are apt for animals which experience gestational problems (Lynn 2004: n.p). Also, commercial feeding method contains more nutrients as compared to natural diet. The diet can be stored for long periods since it has been preserved.

On the other hand, the major disadvantage of commercial feeding method for dogs, cats, and horses is that it can cause malfunctioning in their digestive systems. For instance, when the manufacturers use too many preservatives in the diet, animals may develop digestive complications which sometimes lead to death (Frape 2018: n.p).  Moreover, dogs and cats which consume canned diet need a regular dental cleaning.  Furthermore, consumption of commercial feeds affects these animals through the development of itchy feeling that makes them disturbed. When they take dry diet for a longer period, they can be readily dehydrated.

Lastly, Individuals decide on what to feed dogs, cats, and horses based on their cultural practices. They believe in different things concerning animals’ diet. For instance, O’Neill and others in their journal Longevity and mortality of cats attending primary care veterinary practices in England highlight that nearly 100% of persons whose cats relied on vegetables as a diet were primarily vegetarians.


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