Animal Assisted Therapy

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Animal Assisted Intervention

Animal assisted intervention is the use of small animals that are domesticated for the purpose of healing the cognitive conditions which affect various patients. The aspect of animal assisted intervention has been used for quite some time now and this has proved to be of great importance among the affected population. The incorporation of animals into the healing of patients and the general wellbeing of this particular affected individuals has come with several advantages, thus making it a very important aspect as far as the restoration of health of individuals is concerned.\u00a0 In several clinics across the continent, the animal assisted interventions have bailed out several patients who are suffering from both psychiatric problems and to a greater extent, those that have suffered from neurological disorders.

Therapy Animals for Psychological Disorders

\u00a0Apart from the treatment of patients named above, therapy animals have been widely used in the treatment of those patients who are suffering from psychological disorders and those who have behavioral problems. \u00a0One of the most conspicuous features that is owned by the use of therapy animals is that they can be used to treat various types of patients ranging from the inpatients, outpatients, the patients who require long term care and those that are in various rehabilitation centers.

Animal Preferences and Use in Therapy

As initially mentioned, small animals are most preferred for this type of therapy actuation. The animals that are mostly used include dolphins, cats, and dogs among other small domestic animals that have been known to be friendly to human beings.

Animal Assisted Therapy in the United States

In the United States, this type of therapy has been in use for a relatively long period of time. Initially, only a handful of health facilities endorsed and practiced this type of therapy, however, after it deemed to be a positive venture, a lot of facilities have now adopted the use of this particular type of therapy.

The Delta Society of Pet Partners

\u00a0The delta society of pet partners is one of the main organizations that have been vocal per se in the use of this type of therapy for their correction purposes. It has always focused on the effective application of animal assisted interventions. Is has tried to advance the general well-being and health of individuals through actuating positive interactions between animals and human beings.

Animal Assisted Activity and Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal assisted intervention is further divided into two categories and the two main branches that extend from this include the animal assisted activity and animal assisted therapy. These two aspects are used in the treatment of patients, however they differ in their methods used to deliver the said types of therapy. The animal assisted therapy usually is characterized by visits that are not that strict and that they are not followed to the latter in most cases. They usually involve one or more than one patient for the delivery of this particular therapy. The therapists do not set a specific goal that should be achieved after the end of the session. The visits made are not usually structured and they involve oscillation between homes and other centers conversant with the therapy.

Engagement and Result Orientation

\u00a0On the other hand, animal assisted therapy is usually a type of service in which the involved parties have specific goal that their intervention should achieve. In most cases, the animals that are used for the purposed of delivering the intervention are usually incorporated into to this particular treatment. Animal assisted interventions is thus rather more involving and result oriented than the former that is lesser result oriented.

Disease Transmission and Regulations

Disease transmission has been one of the fear factors that are associated with this therapy. However, there are clear regulations that have been put in place to define this particular engagement. The animals used in this case are well selected, treated, and presented for this purpose. For instance, dogs allowed for therapy purposes are restricted from eating raw food.

Establishing Animal Assisted Therapy in a Personal Clinic

For establishment of animal assisted therapy in a personal clinic, the author suggests that the presence of this program should be sought for availability in the locality, the decision of the therapy to be used should be measured and the choice of therapy animals should be well scrutinized for effective delivery purposes.


October 13, 2023

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