Comparison of Senior Housing Options

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According to Abrahms (2018)

There has been a constant need for housing in DuPage County. For instance, in 2016, there existed 67, 069 households. Of all the households, 17% represents the renters, and over 60% represents the units with renters that are either 30% or more of the income from the households. Such costs are massive, and the seniors might not necessarily afford other expenses like clothing, transportation, food and medical care since 49% of the seniors live only under $36, 000 (Ellyn, 2018).

The Senior Home Sharing

The Senior Home Sharing is a non-profit organization. It is dedicated to helping the seniors get affordable housing with unique living options. The sharing homes are located in Naperville and Lombard in Illinois. The Senior Home Sharing provides a month-to-month lease to the senior residents and then the rental rates are subsidized through generous donations and grants. Currently, the average rent for a house is around $1, 200 and this includes cable and Wi-Fi together with meals that are freshly prepared (Jean, 2018).

The monthly charge fee provides house managers who handle the daily operations and activities of the home (Abrahms, 2018).

The fee also covers freshly-prepared meals, professional cleaning services, technological utilities like Wi-Fi and cables, support services like medical reminders and well-equipped staff that address social services, health and the community needs (Ellyn, 2018).


The Friendship Senior Options is one of the other senior house living alternatives for the seniors. The retirement community was established in 1974 and continues to provide living options and extend healthcare for the senior to live comfortable and secure lives. It was the first continuing care to be established and given accreditation. It is also rich in programs, amenities and also opportunities for the purposeful and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Friendship Senior Option is committed to innovating and evolving the living experience through the delivery of best services and communities, their associates, alliances, and families. The Friendship community believes in the faith of the seniors as the belief and trust in a spiritual dimension of beings that affirm and sustains life. The other core values include growth, integrity, services, and faith. Therefore Friendship Senior Option is committed to keeping friendship at the center of whatever they do as they offer exceptional services to the elderly.

a Place for Mom

Similarly, a Place for Mom is another residential independent living community for the seniors. It is an independent living area with advisors who have aided over 1337 families in making the right decisions for their elderly needs. The prices for these residences range between $1, 500 to $11, 490 per month. The senior advisors help the families in finding a house that can meet their unique budgets and other operational needs.

The place is also dynamic as different plans are given to the seniors. The room type can be unsure, one bedroom and or even two bedroom plan. Similarly, the budget can also be either standard or even luxury. The care has different care types that the families can choose the type that fits best their needs. These include the assisted living, memory care, independent living and the senior apartments. There are over 400 senior advisors that help the individuals in their transition process to senior living. The advisor listens to unique needs that match the resources for the senior care.

Marple Glen Care

Also, the Marple Glen care community houses the elderly. The plan emphasizes comfort and the experience of a home environment. It is designed to be familiar and nurture. The caring community encourages the residents to incorporate the diverse experiences and home comforts into the environment to make it both unique and personal to their needs. The public areas are welcoming and warm and encourage the residents to relax and visit in the comfortable areas within the community.

The persons looking for the residences can consider the different floor plans. They can either choose a private wing that has both the bedroom and a bathroom. They can also select a bedroom and a bathroom. They can also choose a neighborhood suite with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Some of the services they offer include a licensed nurse available all the time, a trained dementia caregiver, a program for diabetic management, refreshments all day long, exercise and activity programs, personal laundry, housekeeping and every hour respite care.

The community features include private and companion areas for family care, the living rooms with fireplaces for comfort, walking paths and enclosed courtyards, barber and beauty shop, and medical and proximity facilities. The VA program is designed to help the veterans together with their surviving spouses. The pension together with additional benefits of support and aid attendance provide up to $1, 788 for a veteran and $1, 149 for a spouse that is still surviving.


The customers are the elderly residents with ages of over 60 years. The applicants must all demonstrate their health status with appropriate medical examination with appropriate documentation given to the executive director's office. However, the seniors can decide themselves terminate their residence. Similarly, with the elapse of 10 days without paying the monthly charges, is considered as a voluntary termination. While within the Senior Home Sharing, the residents are supposed to ensure there is no excessive alcohol consumption, no smoking, and responsibility for their laundry, appropriate dressing, personal hygiene and dressing, and cleaning of the respective resident’s room.

Macro Environment


The world population is continuously growing at an unprecedented rate. Currently, 8.5% of the general population of the world are aged 65 years and over. The projected percentage is poised to rise to nearly 17% by the year 2050 (Ellyn, 2018). The old people are growing rapidly in the world’s population. The people are living longer in the world, but this does not translate into better lives. The increase in the general population of the older adults presents opportunities and health challenges to prepare for. Therefore, Friendship Housing resident for old can venture into this increasing population to ensure that the essential services for the elderly are granted.

The other issues that come with aging include gender balance, health, life expectancy, disability, retirement, pensions, healthcare and labor force. Since the population of the aging people and aspects of public life, long-term and acute health care are necessary. For this case, in America alone, the people of ages over 65 years of age is projected to increase and double over the next three decades from the current 48 million up to 88 million by the year 2050. On the other hand, the global population of the people who are old and over 80 years of age, will possibly triple by 2050 from the current 126 million to 446.6 million.

The report further indicated that among the elderly, the non-communicable disease presented the main health challenges as issues of concerns. Other continents like Africa are poised to face a higher burden of both communicable and non-communicable disease. Among the risk factors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, insufficient fruit and vegetable consumption, low physical exercises, contribute directly to the burden of diseases.

With the current economic situation, there is a state of transition for senior housing care and supply trends. The capital markets fallout has impacted significantly pipeline construction, and this resulted in new unit’s slowdown. Despite the decline in construction, the industry has continued to increase its units to the inventory. The demands for rising housing and care are driven by the following factors including age, wealth, frailty, income and other issues like the desire to live in the housing community. The higher these factor considerations in the resident population, the higher the demand for living services and accommodation. One of the prominent demand trends is the continuous growth in population in the senior population. As per 2010, approximate 6% of the United States of the American population and roughly 19 million were under 75 years (Abrahms, 2018).


There is a consistent downturn of the economy Vis a Vis the rise in the number of the senior people with an estimated double increase in 2050. This poses a challenge since the senior people receive a fixed retirement income. Quite a majority of the senior persons receive a constant and or fixed income, and this might be difficult for the senior individuals and this might be challenging for them especially if there is an increased charge as a result of economic upsurges.

An upswing in the economy will negatively affect the seniors. Since the majority of them receive a fixed salary, they can might not necessarily manage to pay the extra amount that comes with the upswing in the economic changes. This will affect the elderly both regarding their physical health and emotional stability as advantages that come with the care options.


Although there is a notable less embrace of technology among the seniors, smartphone ownership is in use in the United States than any other place. The American seniors are embracing technology at rapid rates. The number of senior people using smartphones has risen by 24% from 18% to 42% in 2013. However, the use of the smartphones is associated with the well-educated, receiving relatively higher incomes and are young seniors.

Also, 32% of the senior population might own and use tablet computers. About 19% also might own e-readers. The percentage represents a double-digit increase in ownership of tablets. The ownership of these tablets is also associated with more educated, affluent and relatively young seniors.

These devices are associated with the elderly who are still young because eye defects are associated with the elderly. The individuals living independently can use the tablets and smartphones effectively. Similarly, a sharing environment needs other collaborative technology for the elderly though with the issue of eye defects is an impediment.


One of the political issues that surround the Senior Housing is the issue of appropriate legislation to help the elderly. The state through the representation is legislature should consider appropriate legislation to help the older adults, especially in times of economic upswing.


The changes in technology, economy, and the rise in general population have a significant impact on the culture, and this directly affects the Senior Living Trends (Marple, 2018). There is an increase in the need for self-actualization with limited opportunities. This forces many people and households to spend more time in work to cater for the changes in the economy. This forces the need for the elderly to go to homes for their support and company (Ellyn, 2018).

Since everyone in the household is busy, the elderly cannot get time with their friends at home and even in the homes themselves. This affects their support both financially to sustain them in the homes and also emotionally because of separation from their family members.


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