Comparison of Virtualization and Cloud Servers

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Firms need high performance, reliable and secure storage, and processing solutions for their data and application. The present-day information technology management is tasked with finding the cost-effective processing and storage solutions for the company’s varied treatment of data, need for risk mitigation and time regulatory compliance. Choosing between the virtualization and cloud server is not just a simple process choice in many firms because of the advantages and disadvantages attached to each option, and the complicated organization’s specifications.


The virtual servers share the software and hardware with other operating systems. They offer fast resource control and are also cost-effective. Therefore, the server visualization involves masking the server resources including the identity and number of individual operating systems, processors, and physical servers. The server operator utilizes the software application to split a single physical server into numerous isolated virtual environments.

This is a powerful virtual and physical infrastructure that performs application and information processing. The virtual software is used to split the physical server into a variety of servers. The cloud servers give the users a chance to process and store intensive workloads. A company’s cloud server is networked to ensure faster deployment and uninterrupted communication. With the cloud servers, companies can only pay for what they require and eliminate the expenses that come with maintaining the hardware of the server.

Difficulty in Deployment and Configuration

A virtual server is a single physical server that is divided between a limited number of users. Numerous accounts are located on the same server because it has a similar hosting set up to the shared server. The major difference between the two servers set up is that the virtual servers have the fewer user on each box and the user has control over the sections of the server. The private servers utilized the distributed resources on the numerous physical servers (Choi, 2018). The Virtual server uses the image based configuration whereas the cloud relies on the template based configuration. The virtualization makes it easier to deploy a novel application without hardware configuration. The redeployment and the backup, for instance, are easier because the snapshots are taken through the day and can be migrated to new virtual servers as required.

The cloud is rather expensive when compared to the physical storage because of the cost of maintenance, set up, installation and hardware. A virtual server is immensely less expensive and even cheaper than dedicated server hostages.

Security Concert On Virtual And Cloud

The virtualization changes the relationship between hardware and the operating system which is a challenge to the traditional security perspective. The shift to a virtual system undermines that comfort that an individual can feel when providing application and OS on the server they can touch and see. Virtualization tends to complicate the picture, but does not necessarily make the security worse or better (Christanto & Sani Suprayogi, 2018). On the other hand, the cloud servers enable new categories of threats to be introduced. The threats result from the complexity that is created by the adoption of the virtual technology. Breaching the security of a virtual system can have adverse effects on the entire organization; this is because impacts the security of other components and subsequently affects the entire security system. Some of the security options that exist on the cloud servers include the host intrusion protection, antivirus software, and the firewalls.


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September 11, 2023
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