Copper Tea Café Marketing

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Copper Tea Café: A Unique Tea Experience

Copper Tea Café is an upcoming tea place in the upscale Orlando area of Florida. The café will cater to people of all ages by offering a choice of teas and snacks to meet the demands of the various age groups. Copper Tea Café will also offer specifically produced teas in an effort to differentiate itself from the rest of the tea houses that only serve standard teas. Using marketing tactics is critical because it will assist in establishing a large consumer base, growing sales, and releasing earnings. The focus of the tea house is mostly on quality and excellent customer service and not for the price. Introductory prices will be relatively affordable. The fact that it is a new establishment coming up, there is need to offer product prices that pull more and more people to the tea house. For the Café signature beverages, they could be accompanied by a snack on the side for a price slightly above the average for the ordinary teas. The higher introductory price will create an illusion that the Café products are of high quality. The prices will drop down eventually so as to acquire the customers who are price-sensitive.

Efficient Retailing and Delivery Strategies

The café has retailing and supply chain strategies that will be put in place to ensure the customers receive the products efficiently. The café will offer to take away tea for those that want to take the tea as they travel to their destinations. Another service that will hopefully set it apart is a Dial a Tea Delivery Service where one can make an order and delivery are made at a customer’s convenient location. Being away from the Orlando neighborhood is not the reason to miss one’s favorite tea and snack. The tea house will also be set up in a way that it has a lounge where friends can meet and hang out as they take a cup of their favorite beverage or a place business associates can meet.

Innovative Communication Strategies

The communication strategies used will entail the use of brochures and posters within and outside the Thornton Park. Brochures containing all the information about the new tea joint in town will be used as a marketing tool and distributed to the larger neighborhoods and beyond. Short, catchy phrases have to be used to catch the attention of the target audience. Word of mouth is also another important communication strategy. The majority of people are likely to believe something if it comes highly recommended by a friend. On the day Copper Tea Café opens its doors for the first time, as a promotional tool, will have a buy tea, get a snack at no extra charge. The customers get to have a taste of both the pastries and teas. Also, the café intends to be sending the customers the samples monthly to allow them to have a taste of the varieties of tea in the café.

Social Media Marketing and Customer Preferences

The Internet has made it relatively easy to start a new business. Social media is the powerful tool that provides a marketing base for the business. The café will utilize social media for it would be possible to go after target markets that are small and that is what this new tea house hopes to achieve, reaching a broad market. At the current times, almost everyone that is the target clientele for the tea house has access to some form of technology and social media. For the younger clientele, the café will have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account to notify them of new beverages or to directly interact and get ideas on areas that could be improved. Interactive and database technology permits companies to a massive mass amounts of data on individual customer’s needs and preferences. So customer preferences have to be put into consideration.

May 02, 2023

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