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My learning experience has been fantastic so far, but it has not been without its obstacles. I am aware that learning is not a simple phase in life, particularly given the amount of new knowledge that must be absorbed in order to reap the greatest benefits. One of my most challenging college courses was a biology course. Biology has always been one of my favorite school subjects, but I quickly learned that the higher the standard of education, the more complex the topic becomes. This was more than a revelation for me in college. I struggled with the biological terms, processes, and even experiments that we were required to learn from and master for our future careers. Biology classes proved difficult with every successive one because not only on the amount of work to be covered but the information that was becoming a bit overwhelming to comprehend at one go.

However, I was determined not to fail this course and therefore I decided to put in extra work towards the course. I started off by frequenting the library more than usual. College is meant to be a time for academic growth but also, social growth alike. I saw it best to sacrifice some of my social time and dedicate it towards more individual learning. Apart from spending an extra hour or two at the library, I would also borrow biology books to study during at night and wee hours of the morning.

In addition to the above, I also did joining a biology study group that had some of my class members. The group’s objective was to go through previous lectures so that individuals could fully comprehend what was being communicated. The advantage of this is that we were all learning from each other because, as we noticed, we all understood different elements of the lecture better thus sharing the information meant the rest understood as well. As a group, we also engaged in simple exam quizzes that reflected on what we already knew from the classes we had attended. I must say that for some reason, I did find the study group to be the most efficient for my biology study needs at that moment.

Another great resource that came in handy was online resources. The internet is wealthy when it comes to research and academic materials. All I needed to do was to research on some biological keywords and I would have access to some of the best peer-reviewed biological articles. The internet made studying away from the class and basically anywhere very achievable. All I had to do was find a quiet place and do the necessary studying I had to. The ease of finding whatever I was looking for within minutes through the internet meant I was able to cover so much.

The biology course I took in college was a true reflection that hard work eventually pays. If it were not for the challenges, I do not believe that I would have ever pushed myself the way I did. I now know the value of making small sacrifices for now in order to achieve something that will benefit your future. By working hard, that is enlisting more library time, borrowing books for extra study sessions to joining a study group definitely gave me the success I needed for my biology course.

December 15, 2021

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