Criminal Justice System Management

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Managing a company, particularly one within the criminal justice system, calls for a strong understanding of prisoners. Understanding, developing, and managing people, their skills, and general resources require management skills. (Stojkovic, Klofas & Kalinich, 2015). In this situation, I would say sure. This is due to the fact that time spent in administrative segregation offers a unique perspective on how prisoners feel and the most effective ways to manage them. It's crucial to remember that prison systems should place a strong emphasis on helping prisoners alter their attitudes and behaviors rather than just reprimanding them. Without having a feel of the environment, they are placed in may not pave way for clear policies and measures that will have a positive impact in changing their behavior.

Decision making is a key pillar within the prison systems. As an Executive Director, it’s essential to pave way for effective decision-making processes that will assure realization of set reform goals and positive impact. Spending some time within the cells provides a new dimension to management with regards to the needs of inmates, how the environment impacts them, and how well the institution can be modelled in order to address the situation. This was asserted by Colorado`s chief when he took up the challenge of spending sometime in cells so as to understand the scenario. (Goode & Erica, 2014). Some decisions can only be made through extensive research which encompasses having a hands-on experience of the situation. In some circumstances, the management may be employing strategies that don`t seem to work or connect with the environment. This calls on the need to seek feedback from inmates and spending time in the cells so as to have a feel and evaluate the situation based on SWOT analysis. It’s through the SWOT analysis that will the Executive Director be able to come up with effective strategies on how to run the system.


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July 15, 2023

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